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The Benefits Of Scrapping Vans

scrap vansVans are essential for small businesses who need a single purpose vehicle for transportation, deliveries and storage. Vans can be driven with a car licence and are well-known for their tough reliability. However, for these same reasons, most owners will hang on to a van for many years and literally work it until it’s on its last legs without considering earning money from it as a scrap van.

The older the van, the more it’s going to cost to keep it road worthy. The very nature of a van’s function means that it’s going to suffer a fair amount of wear and tear resulting in eventual engine problems, poor suspension if it’s been used for transporting heavy loads and rust issues. Also take into consideration the impact on the environment and it’s easy to understand why old vans are difficult to sell.

Do you just crush it?

No. it’s actually pretty complicated. If your insurance company writes the vehicle off, they will usually take care of having it scrapped. If you have to do it yourself, there are a few things you should know:

The scrapping industry is heavily regulated, partially to cut down on metal theft but mainly for environmental and waste handling reasons. In order to scrap vans, trucks or similar vehicles you have to become an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). The approval process is mainly there to ensure that we do the job safely and responsibly, and in compliance with all regulations.

We start by removing the battery and all the fluids – petrol, oil, brake fluid, etc. Tyres too, of course. Sometimes the tyres can be re-sold but generally they have to be recycled or otherwise disposed of properly. The same is true for the battery. The fluids can’t just be dumped either. Only then can we get to work removing any re-usable parts. Most of them will need a reconditioning before they can be sold, of course.

Whatever is left (often just the frame) we crush and sell as scrap metal.

Ford_Escort_van_blueWhat do you pay for scrap vans?

Well, that depends. Not very helpful, I know. The thing is, the scrap value of vehicles varies dramatically. A brand new Transit van with an irreparably bent frame but a running engine and transmission is worth a lot more than an aging milk float that’s thrown a rod. In the end, we have to have a reasonable expectation of making money off the parts to offer you a good price. Scrap metal itself is going cheap these days.

What about filing the paperwork?

There isn’t much, at least on your end. We’ll notify the DVLA that we’ve scrapped the van, but you’ll need to fill out the log book about it, and send that to the DVLA. They should send you a confirmation letter. If they don’t, you’ll need to call them at 0300 790 6802 to sort it out.

Why don’t you pay in cash?

We used to, but that has been illegal since 2013. The theory is that cash payments encouraged vehicle theft. So, we don’t do cash for cars. Nobody does, anymore.

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