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Scrap Commercial VehiclesThe regulations controlling the scrapping of commercial vehicles is not very different than that for passenger cars. The breaker must be an approved ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility), and certified to do the work.

Most of the regulations are aimed at environmental protection. For example, the tyres may be saleable as part-worn, but will more likely have to be taken to a recycler or other authorised handler. The battery (or batteries, depending on the vehicle) have to be handled separately, and have their own complicated disposal processes. All of the fluids including the hydraulic fluid of any special mounted equipment must be drained off and disposed of as well.

Then we get to, for us, the good part. We’ll take off any parts or equipment that can be reused (probably after some refurbishing) to be sold. Only once everything dangerous or profitable has been removed will we crush the vehicle, officially ‘scrapping’ it.

How much will I get for it?

All I can say is ‘as much as it is worth’. Some commercial vehicles have a thriving spares market, but others have almost no saleable parts. We’ll take a thorough look at what you have, and make you a fair offer.

2006-2011_Ford_Transit_(VM)_140_T330_van_(2011-11-18)_02How about all the paperwork?

We do most of that. If the vehicle was road registered, the DVLA will be involved. We’ll notify them that it has been scrapped, but you’ll need to see that section 9 of the log is filled out and sent in to the DVLA. They should confirm that they have received it. If they don’t, you should call them at 0300 790 6802 to confirm all the paperwork is filed properly.

Do you pay in cash?

No, not any more. It was made illegal to pay cash for the scrap value of a vehicle in 2013, in an effort to curb vehicle theft. If someone offers you cash for a vehicle to be scrapped, be suspicious.

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