Scrap My Motorbike   July 25, 2016

How Do I Scrap My Motorbike

You’d think scrapping a motorbike or scooter would be a far easier process than scrapping a car, but there are actually strict rules and regulations that need to be followed. DVLA guidelines are also unclear and confusing for many motorbike owners, who may be tempted to lock their old bike in the garage and forget about it.

Scrap My MotorbikeIf you’re thinking, “How do I scrap my motorbike” then here’s some things you should know.

Certificate Of Destruction (CoD)

When your motorbike is at the end of its life, it must be scrapped through an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). This ensures that it’s disposed of in a correct manner with as little environmental  impact as possible.

An ATF will ensure that end of life vehicles are stored correctly before depollution takes place. Depollution involves the removal of all hazardous materials including liquids such as battery acid, brake fluid, oil and petrol. Parts including tyres will then be disposed of, reused or recycled according to EU regulations.

Once your vehicle has been scrapped, the ATF will inform the DVLA and you’ll be issued with a CoD. Failure to produce a CoD can incur a fine of £80. The problem is that the DVLA doesn’t make this regulation clear for motorbike owners. The official government website states that CoDs are issued for:

  • Passenger vehicles and light good vehicles under 3.5 tonnes
  • 3-wheeled motor vehicles

There’s no specific mention of motorbikes. However, as long as you go through an Authorised Treatment Facility, you will be issued with a CoD for your scrapped motorbike. Once your motorbike has been scrapped, you’ll need to fill out section 9 of your logbook and send it to the DVLA. That done, you’ll then get a letter of confirmation a few weeks after.

Selling Parts

Many ATFs will only accept complete motorbikes so don’t remove any parts yourself before scrapping or they may charge you to have your motorbike scrapped.


In an attempt to reduce scrap metal theft, the Scrap Metal Act of 2013 makes it illegal to sell your end of life motorbike for cash. Payment can only be issued as a non-transferable cheque or an electronic bank transfer which is more secure.

Scrap Car Kings offers an easy, quick and convenient way of scrapping your motorbike. We are registered with a fully certified ATF where your motorbike will be disposed of legally. We offer an instant quote, free collection service and bank transfer payment.

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