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Are You Dreading The MOT?

For many motorists, the older a car gets, the more concerns they have about getting it through its MOT. Older vehicles, especially ones with higher than average mileage, are going to show signs of age. It’s not just cosmetic wear and tear either. An older vehicle is more likely to suffer mechanical problems which not only compromise the integrity and safety of the vehicle, but repairs can also end up costing more than its worth.

Buy My Car LondonIf your old car fails its MOT, then no one is going to want to buy it. You may need to consider scrapping it instead.

Here’s a look at what an MOT involves and what you should do when you want to find someone to ‘buy my car’.

Why Do I Need An MOT?

An MOT is a legal requirement for all vehicles over 3 years old. The safety, roadworthiness and exhaust emissions are tested and must meet with the legal standards set by the DVSA.
The test must be carried out by an authorised MOT station. If your car passes, you’ll receive an MOT certificate. If it fails you’ll be given a list of repairs that are needed. Driving a car with a failed MOT may incur a fine of £2,500, a ban from driving and 3 penalty points on your licence.

What’s Involved?

The test takes about an hour to complete and includes the following main checks:

  • Lights and indicators – condition and correct positioning
  • Horn – emits a continuous sound
  • Battery – signs of leakage
  • Electrical wiring – secured correctly, signs of damage and risk of short circuiting
  • Steering – condition, wear and tear, damage to steering components, adequate amount of fluid in reservoir for vehicles with power steering
  • Suspension – components checked for excessive corrosion, distortion and fractures
  • Brakes – condition, efficiency and condition of levers, pedals and warning lights
  • Tyres – correct type for vehicle, condition and depth of tread and condition of wheels
  • Seatbelts – condition and security
  • Bodywork – condition, especially signs of rust and sharp edges that could cause injury
  • Exhaust – correctly secured, signs of leakage, fuel systems leaks, carbon emission levels that fall within the legal limit and dense blue or black smoke emissions
  • Mirrors, wipers and windscreen – condition and ability to allow the driver an adequate view of the road.

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