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An old car that is no longer roadworthy is considered an end of life vehicle (ELV). If your car has come to the end of its days, you may be wondering the best way to dispose of it. In a time where concerns for the environment are paramount, it’s important to consider the environmental impact an older car has.

Car DisposalYou may feel that your car is still viable, so you may try selling it. But you’ll find this practically impossible and will finally have to accept that your car just isn’t worth the hassle. The truth is that to cut down on pollution, any non-classic car over the age of 18 should be scrapped. By choosing a car disposal company, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint, taking a dangerous vehicle off the road and contributing to the environmental well-being by disposing of your vehicle in a responsible way.

Here’s why you should scrap your old car instead of selling it.

ELV EU Directive

In an attempt to help the environment and reduce pollution, the EU Directive has set out measures to reduce the amount of waste we produce. This includes the correct disposal of end of life vehicles.

In the EU we generate up to 9 million tonnes of vehicle waste per year, so it’s essential that waste is managed correctly and avoided as much as possible.

Vehicle manufacturers are encouraged to design new vehicles with components and materials that can be re-used and re-cycled when a vehicle gets to the end of its life.
Older vehicles should be scrapped with the intention of re-using and re-cycling as many parts and materials as possible.

The directive also states that once a vehicle has been disposed of, all hazardous substances must be removed to make the re-cycling process easier and safer and avoid polluting the environment.  Examples are:

  • Lead acid batteries
  • Fluids such as lubricating oil
  • Coolant
  • Brake fluid


A scrapped vehicle can then begin the recycling process. It will be dismantled and any re-usable or recyclable parts or materials removed. These include: tyres, metal, glass and engine parts. The result is far less wastage left to endanger the environment.


By choosing to scrap your car, you’re not only helping the environment but you’ll also get something for it too. Your car will be collected free of charge and you’ll receive a cash payment directly into your bank account.

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