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Scrap Car Collection

Sell my car LondonIf you’re trying to sell your old or damaged car in vain, then don’t bother; you’d be better off selling it for scrap. By scrapping your car you’ll receive an instant quote. Once that’s agreed, you’ll receive immediate payment straight into your bank account. It doesn’t matter what condition your car is in, whether it’s failed its MOT or is no longer roadworthy, you will always get something back for it by choosing to scrap it. Your scrapped car will then be recycled, so you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment.

You won’t even have to worry about delivering your car to us; we come to you. Once payment has been made we’ll arrange to have your car picked up from its location and take it off your hands within minutes.

Scrapping your car couldn’t be easier. Here’s all you need to know about our scrap car collection service.

Prompt Collection

Once you’ve agreed on the quote and payment has been processed, we’ll come and collect your car on the very same day. The car will then be loaded onto our recovery vehicle. If it’s just sitting in your driveway, the collection process should only take about 5 – 10 minutes. If the location is more difficult to reach, it may take slightly longer.

What You’ll Need To Have Ready

All you’ll need are the keys and the vehicle registration document (V5c). The V5c contains your vehicle’s details such as colour, make, year, model, vehicle identification number (VIN) and the registered keeper’s details. The registered keeper is the person responsible for paying the road tax; this doesn’t necessarily have to be the owner.

If you don’t have the V5c form to hand, don’t panic. As long as you can prove ownership, you can still have your car collected. An original purchase receipt or past insurance certificate will suffice.

You may even have lost your keys. Again, as long as you can prove ownership we can still collect the vehicle.

Stress Free Collection

You don’t need to worry about cleaning the vehicle. Just ensure that you’ve removed any personal belongings before collection. And don’t forget the CDs in the CD player!

You don’t even need to be present. If you’re at work when we call, just ensure that the vehicle is accessible to our driver and someone is there to give the paperwork to.

For more information on our car scrap collection service, contact Scrap Car Kings today.

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