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How Cars Pollute The Environment

Motor vehicles have been used for over a hundred years now. Today, most households have at least one, if not, two cars; when you think of the population growth, that’s an awful lot of cars.

Cars are one of the biggest pollutants and have a seriously negative effect on the environment, producing carbon emissions and mountains of wastage every year.

Here’s a look at how cars pollute the environment, along with some measures used to control this ever-growing problem.

Use Of Fossil Fuels

Petroleum, used to produce petrol and diesel, is extracted from fossilised sea life that’s been compacted for millions of years. Not only is this energy source non-renewable, but supplies are steadily depleting and one day, will run out.
The only way forward is to produce hybrid and electric vehicles that don’t need fossil fuels to run.

Carbon Emissions

Car Scrap CollectionA car needs fuel to run, but as petroleum supplies lessen, the crude oil that’s extracted is dirtier than before. This goes into our fuel tanks where it’s burned and then emitted into the atmosphere via the exhaust pipes. The main component released is carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that damages the ozone layer. Exhaust fumes also contain nitrogen and sulphur oxides, carcinogens and soot. This creates smog and is a serious health risk.
Methods to reduce carbon emissions include, manufacturing more fuel-efficient vehicles that can run further on less fuel, better refining methods and extraction techniques to produce cleaner fuels and the production of hybrid and electric cars.

Hazardous Fluids

Car Scrap Collection

Cars also contain highly toxic fluids that pollute the environment and are a major health hazard. These include:
• Antifreeze
• Refrigerants
• Brake fluid
• Battery acid
• Motor oil


Material Waste

Car Scrap CollectionEach year thousands of end of life vehicles produce mountains of wastage that we can no longer cope with. Many are abandoned or just left in driveways and garages to rust away.
Car scrapping involves the reuse and recycling of metal, glass, plastic, tyres and motor parts through an authorised treatment facility in a bid to cut down on material waste.

Selling your old car for scrap is the best solution for taking it off your hands while also helping the environment. You’ll receive a cash payment and your car will be collected free of charge before being dismantled and disposed of correctly with minimum impact on the environment.
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