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Scrap My Car For Cash in Chigwell

At Scrap Car Kings, we can deal with all scrap car requirements in Chigwell and the surrounding area. We cover all of London and Essex including the part of Epping Forest District which is partially formed by the town of Chigwell. In fact, we aim to make scrapping your car in Chigwell as quick and convenient as possible regardless of how old your vehicle is and what condition it may be in. Please note that we scrap 4x4s, sports cars, write-offs, SUVs and motorhomes. We can also scrap vans in Chigwell as well as larger commercial vehicles such as trucks and minibuses. Why turn to anywhere else to scrap a car in Chigwell when Scrap Car Kings is here to help?

How to Scrap Your Car in Chigwell

Scrapping your car in Chigwell couldn’t be more straightforward with Scrap Car Kings. Simply enter your car’s registration number and a few other details online with us. We will then value your car and provide you with the best online price for it. The entire system is automated to make it conveniently fast. If you like the quotation – and we think you will – all you need to do is accept it and we’ll call you to take care of the rest. Please note that if you do not want to enter your details online with us that you can always phone instead. We will be happy to offer you a great quotation over the phone!

Collecting Your Scrap Car From Chigwell

We will arrange a suitable time to collect your car from Chigwell so we can take it away for you and scrap it. Please have your VC5 form on you when we do this. After all, this is the document that is used to prove ownership of all vehicles with the DVLA, so we need it to ensure you are the right and proper owner. It is also worth bearing in mind that you do not have to be present when we come to collect your car but we will need to know this in advance so we can proceed lawfully. As a professionally run firm, Scrap Car Kings cannot provide you with cash for your scrap car in Chigwell. We will, however, make a secure bank transfer to you for the previously agreed amount.

Where in Chigwell Can We Scrap Your Car?

As mentioned, at Scrap Car Kings, we cover all the areas in London and Essex where people need their cars to be scrapped. So, if you live in Chigwell, we can help you to scrap your car anywhere from Woodford Bridge in the south to Woolston Manor in the north. We know Chigwell well and we are frequently in the neighbourhood, whether it is on the nearby M11 or the High Road that runs through the middle of the town itself. We can collect your car to scrap it from your home, your place of work, a car park or even from the street, something that is handy to know if you are not a Chigwell resident but have simply broken down in the town and now need your car to be scrapped for you.


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