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Scrap My Car London

Scrapping your car in London is quick, easy and convenient with Scrap Car Kings. We work seven days a week and can scrap your vehicle for you throughout the capital. We deal with car scrapping in London and will handle any sort of vehicle, such as classics, sports cars, estates, 4x4s and SUVs. Even better, we can scrap vans, commercial vehicles and other vehicle types in London, too. So, whatever you may need to scrap in London, it is a sure bet that Scrap Car Kings can help.

What Should You Do to Scrap Your Car in London?

Firstly, we make it easy to find out the scrap value of your car. Just input a few of your car’s details online with us and we will take care of the rest. We’ll need to know the basic condition of the car as well as its license number and the model you want to scrap. From this information, we will produce the best online quotation for your scrap car in London. Once you agree to accept our quote, we will then call you to arrange a collection from your location in London. As an alternative, you can phone us and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation that way.

What Happens After That?

Once we have agreed on a price for your scrap car in London, we will arrange a suitable time to collect it from you. We will need your VC5 form from the DVLA so we have documentary proof that you are the legal owner. Then, the collection will proceed and we will then take over legal responsibility for your vehicle no matter what condition your scrap vehicle happens to be in.

Please note that as the scrap car’s owner, you will receive an instant payment from us which clears immediately into a bank account of your choice before we take the car away. Our financial processes are secure but we can not provide you with cash since this is no longer lawful when dealing with scrap cars in London and the rest of the country. Finally, it is worth knowing that if you cannot be present for the collection for whatever reason, we can still proceed. Just let us know in advance if you think this may be the case.

Where in London Can I Get My Car Scrapped?

At Scrap Car Kings, we cover both London and Essex. As such, we are here to help you whether you live in a place like Shoreditch, in the heart of the East End, or somewhere like Barking or Romford that are in the suburbs. We even cover all areas up to and around Southend, Leigh on Sea and Thurrock and any other area in Essex.

We also arrange the collection of cars in locations like these but also Ilford, East Ham and Stratford as well as any area in East London and Essex. You can see all the areas we collect scrap vehicles from by going to the ‘collection location’ page on our website. Whether your car is parked on the street and you cannot move it or it is currently on your drive or in a garage, we will collect it and take it away for you.

As an experienced and professionally run firm serving all parts of London, there is no better place to turn to for a great price when scrapping your car.


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