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Sell Your Motorbike   September 15, 2016

5 Tips to Make Selling Your Motorbike an Easy Process

Selling a motorbike can be a bit tricky. The buyer’s market in Essex is a small one. In addition, government rules and regulations can really make things tough. That’s why we decided to create this post. In it, we’ll give you five tips that will make selling your motorbike an easy process.

Sell Your MotorbikeGather All Documentation

The first step to sell your motorbike is to gather all documentation. Here’s everything you’ll need:

  • Legal documentation that includes your name and the motorbike’s VIN number
  • Used vehicle information that includes the list of previous owners and title status of the vehicle
  • A bill of sale that includes the date the sale took place, VIN number of the bike, purchase price, and signatures of the buyer and seller
  • A safety certificate from a professional mechanic
  • History and maintenance information
  • Your bike’s owner’s manual

Find and organise the above mentioned information and you’ll be ready to sell your motorbike. Without it, you won’t be able to sell your motorbike.

Be Honest

Always give honest information about your bike. Let potential sellers know how many kilometres are on the bike, and if the bike has been dropped or ridden in the rain.

Prep Your Bike

Clean any and all parts of your bike. Make sure it shines. Take off any personal accessories that might turn buyers off. Also, check the battery terminals for calcium build up. If it’s present, clean the terminals.

Sell Your Motorbike

Take Great Photos

Pictures are your most valuable marketing tool. Use them. Find the best camera you can and great photos of your bike. Take pictures from different angles and in different areas of light. Make sure that your pictures look like your bike. Sellers will be turned off if pictures look manipulated or enhanced.

Be Flexible

As previously mentioned, the used bike market favors the buyer. Go into the selling process knowing this. Be flexible, but don’t get ripped off. It’s almost guaranteed that you will get low balled when you try to sell your motorbike. Don’t give in. Be patient until you find a decent price, and realize that it probably won’t be exactly what you want.

There you have it – five tips to make selling your motorbike an easy process. Use them to make your life easier. If you’re in Essex and are interested in selling your motorbike, contact Scrap Car Kings and we’ll gladly be of service. We’ll provide you with any and all information needed to help sell your motorbike. For further enquiries and information please visit us online at

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