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Scrap My BMW

If you no longer need your BMW but are concerned that its age and condition are preventing you from getting a quick sale, then you should consider scrapping it instead. With global concerns about the environment, material wastage and pollution, we are encouraged to scrap end of life vehicles, especially scrapping BMW cars for recycling, reusing and reducing waste build-up.

Scrapping a BMW however isn’t compulsory of course. You could leave it to rust away on your driveway or spend a fortune on repairing the car just so it’s in a sellable state. But who wants to do that when you can scrap your BMW for some quick cash?
We specialise in scrap BMW quotes for all models of BMW, no matter how old the model is, their condition or previous history. We provide an easy, stress-free scrap car service, ideal for people who want to sell their BMW quickly because it costs too much to maintain, has failed a recent MOT or you’re having trouble trying to sell it on.

Receiving a scrap quote for your BMW couldn’t be simpler – just pop in your reg number and click request a quote. From there, you can provide further details about the car. Adding more details will ensure that we quote you competitively – so what are you waiting for? It’s time to scrap your BMW with Scrap Car Kings!

Reasons to Scrap Your BMW

  1. No matter how reliable or prestigious your BMW is, there will come a time when the repairs to fix the vehicle up will cost more than the vehicle’s worth. Chances are, the older the model of BMW you have the more costly the repairs and replacements will be.
  2. Perhaps your BMW has recently failed its MOT? Well, it’s illegal for you to drive it on the road and you won’t be able to sell it either. So if you want to keep the car, you’ll have to face the repair bills for it to pass.
  3. People are interested in scrapping BMW’s is if the bodywork is suffering some serious rust. Even small spots of rust could be hiding a more severe rust problem in the bodywork. Rust and corrosion can cause holes in the underside of vehicles, which compromises the safety of the vehicle and will result in an MOT failure for your BMW.
  4. And lastly, another reason why people are turning to BMW scrap services is if it’s been involved in an accident. Your insurance company will need to inspect the case to determine whether the repairs for the vehicle will cost more than the vehicle’s worth. If they are, the car will be considered a ‘write-off’ and will need to be scrapped.

Scrap My BMW Today

Save yourself the hassle of scrapping your BMW privately and instead scrap it with Scrap Car Kings, the car scrapping specialists in London and the South East. All we need is your registration number and a few simple questions and we will be able to provide you with a competitive quote to scrap your BMW.

We have hundreds of customers across the South East and a consistently high-quality track record that is trusted by lots of people who are trying to sell their BMW for scrap quickly. Scrapping your BMW with Scrap Car Kings is the easiest, fastest and most stress-free way of getting rid of our BMW.

Once you have accepted the quote, we will transfer the funds on the same day and will come and collect your BMW for scrap for free within 24 hours of the funds being transferred. Our quotes are competitive, and our free pick-up service is something we proudly offer that our local competitors don’t!

Scrap Your BMW Today With Scrap Car Kings

If you think it’s time to scrap your BMW for some quick cash, give us a call on 07944 495495 and we will send someone out to come and collect your vehicle.

Don’t forget that we offer a free pick-up service for your vehicle within 40 minutes of you accepting our instant quote – something that a lot of our competitors don’t offer!

Scrap Vehicles Wanted:

  • New Cars
  • Old Unwanted Cars
  • MOT Failures
  • Accidental Damage
  • Foreign Registered
  • Left Hand Drive
  • Classic Cars
  • Non Runners
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Bikes
  • 4x4s

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