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Scrap My Citroen

Scrap Car Kings is the best car scrapping service for your Citroen, we collect and buy from London, Kent and Essex areas, for the best possible prices. So, for whatever reason – perhaps you can’t sell your Citroen or repairs are too expensive – Scrap Car Kings can help! We offer a solution to get rid of your Citroen by paying to buy it from you.

Scrapping your car is now relatively simple, all you have to do is enquire for a free quote, then pick an adequate time and date you would like us to come to collect your Citroen. In the past, many people had to pay scrapping services to scrap their Citroen and other cars. However, regulations have now changed due to many end of life vehicles being abandoned and now you are able to get money for your car!

However, this needs to take place at a scrapyard, or Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) that’s licensed by the Environment Agency, such as Scrap Car Kings. We are encouraged to scrap end of life vehicles, especially Citroen cars in order to prevent any environmental concerns such as global warming. So, help yourself and the environment, by scrapping your Citroen with Scrap Car Kings today!

How is A Citroen Scrapped?

Once you have arranged a date to have your Citroen picked up, it is taken straight to the scrap yard. Here the vehicle has all valuable parts that can be reused or salvaged removed before your Citroen is crushed and recycled. These parts can also be sold individually if you wanted to remove them yourself.

Hazardous materials are also removed in the vehicle scrapping process. Firstly, the lead-acid battery is separated from the car, as if the Citroen is scrapped with this still attached it can be extremely harmful and dangerous to the environment. As well as removing the lead-acid battery from the vehicle, gas tanks and airbags are also detached. Airbags have a tendency to burst, which can be highly dangerous as the chemicals confined in them can spread through the area.

Other parts of your Citroen that are removed are; car tyres, oils, fuels and if your Citroen has one, a catalytic converter. After this process has taken place, then we can crush your Citroen and recycle all of its plastics and metals.

Scrapping an Old or Damaged Citroen

Is your Citroen old beyond repair? If so, have it recycled by Scrap Car Kings. As new models of Citroen’s are constantly being created and sold, many buyers want the newest makes and tend to reject older versions of the car. Because of this, it is becoming more and more challenging to sell your old Citroen and as a result, it may need to be scrapped.

In addition, damaged cars are even harder to sell. Buyers want to invest in vehicles that are in great condition and if the overall salvage price of the car is high, they are less likely going to purchase the Citroen.

However, if you are thinking that you won’t receive any money for your damaged or old car, you couldn’t be more wrong. Here at Scrap Car Kings, we can offer you a free quote for your end of life Citroen – all you have to do is provide us with your registration number and we’ll handle the rest!

Scrapping an MOT Failure Citroen

The older your car gets the more likely it is to fail its MOT test, which is something all motorists dread. Nobody looks forward to receiving an MOT failure notice that confirms your car’s worthlessness. This is something most drivers have to deal with and after it has been declared you have to decide whether to spend a huge amount on repairs or consider scrapping your Citroen for cash.

Here at Scrap Car Kings, all cars have value, regardless of their condition. Therefore, we like to offer our customers the best prices available to scrap their Citroen’s. We are willing to buy all cars that are offered to us and If you have any concerns, enquire to us by calling today. In addition, as your Citroen has failed its MOT and cannot be driven; we are more than happy to collect your vehicle at any time that is best for you.

Scrap your Citroen with Scrap Car Kings

We understand it can be difficult to watch your beloved Citroen being scrapped in the junkyard, however you are also doing a service by helping the environment. So, when you think it’s time to sell your car to the scrapyard, contact us today at 07944 495 495, and we’ll send someone out to help you!

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