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Scrap My Jeep

Scrapping your Jeep has never been made easier. At Scrap Car Kings we’re here to not only dispose your vehicle, but also take care of your paperwork and collect your car to take to the junk yard. Our experts are here to remove both your vehicle and any stress on your behalf. All you have to do is complete our bespoke quotation form online and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If you are interested in a quick way to make some money; scrap your car with us today!

Reasons To Scrap Your Jeep

There are various reasons as to why your Jeep may be scrapped. We understand that you are scrapping your precious vehicle can be difficult and that you may want to look for alternatives, such as selling or repairing it. But if this has proven itself to be a challenge it may be time to accept that your Jeep needs to be recycled. Some of the most common reasons to recycle your vehicle include:

MOT Failure: Your car has failed its MOT; ultimately deeming it as unworthy. Not only can you can no longer drive your Jeep, you can’t even sell it to make some extra money! Now you’ve decided that you want to recycle your car but can’t take it to the scrap yard because it’s now unfit to drive, then there’s no need to worry. We will collect your vehicle from you and remove it at the scrap yard ourselves.

Old or Rusted Jeep: Inevitably the older your vehicle is, the harder it is to sell. Buyers ultimately want newer products and makes of Jeep, which is probably why you’re struggling to sell your old/rusted car. In addition, rusted and ageing cars are easier to damage and will therefore need repairs. They can also often be dangerous to drive. For this reason potential buyers will look for new Jeep models instead. Therefore we advise you scrap your car with us for a bit of money.

Damaged Jeep: Perhaps you’ve damaged your Jeep in a collision and now you have the choice of either spending a large amount of money on repairs or earning some quick money by scrapping it with us! Before you decide to scrap your car, your insurance company will need to assess its salvage value and then consider whether it’s a write-off and needs to be scrapped.

Why Choose Us to Scrap Your Jeep

There comes a time when you have to move on from your end of life vehicle and once you’ve decided its time to go, it may need to be scrapped. But when it comes to getting rid of your old motor, there is often conflicting advice. You have many options that may cost you a bit of money.

For example if your vehicle is ageing or damaged you may have to pay for it to be repaired before you sell it to someone else. So instead of you repeatedly wasting your hard earned cash on heavy repair bills, scrap your Jeep with us to earn some quick money. We will provide you with the best possible prices in comparison to other scrapping services; all you have to do is contact us today.

Beside from money, our bespoke specialists will make sure that all of your paperwork is taken care of; removing all pressure and hassle from you. We will even notify DVLA that you no longer own your Jeep and that it is instead being scrapped with us. If this is not taken care of you could be held accountable to pay a huge amount of tax, but don’t worry our team will inform you when this has been done.

Our reliable service will also collect your Jeep free of charge. We understand that in certain circumstances you may not be allowed to drive your car to the scrap yard, such as a MOT failure. Therefore if you enquire with us today, you can arrange a date that is suitable for you, for us to collect and dispose of your car. To us customer requirements come first, so if you have any concerns about the collection of your vehicle, speak to a member of our staff.

Earn Money for Your End of Life Vehicle

Can’t believe you can earn some money for your end of life car? Neither can most people, however after changes to the law it is now compulsory to get paid to scrap your vehicle. So now you are wondering how much you’ll get paid? To find out all you have to do is enquire today and we’ll assess your circumstances and provide you with a free quote. However, we do not pay by cash as that is now illegal, instead there you’ll instantly receive your money through a bank transfer.

Have Any Questions About Scrapping Your Jeep?

At Scrap Car Kings we use a bespoke quotation system that will offer you the best prices available in London, Essex and Kent areas. Once you have completed the form and sent it to us, we’ll make sure someone will get back to you immediately. We can then arrange a collection date with you and pick up your Jeep to recycle it. If you are interested in a reliable, quick and effective process then contact us today.

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