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Scrapping Your Mini

In the UK, Mini’s are very popular cars, however if you have held onto your beloved car for a few too many years, maybe now is the right time to consider scrapping it. By letting your mini deteriorate each day, you are inevitably allowing more problems to occur, whether that be causing more damage to the environment or creating more expense for yourself, there is no doubt that your mini will give up one day, leaving you carless.

Even if you have had your mini for years and it hasn’t been any trouble, like any car, as it begins to get older the efficiency of the vehicle will decrease. Some of the problems that seem to occur a lot with mini’s include: clutch failure, thermostat leaks and transmission issues – all of these aren’t cheap to repair and if you have experienced these problems during your time of having a Mini, it is more than likely that they will happen again, leading to an even higher expense.

Why Should I Scrap My Mini?

There are many reasons why you should scrap your old mini. One of the main being to allow you to purchase a newer, more reliable car which won’t leave you with the worry of breaking down every time you go to work or embark on a long journey. With the money we offer you for your car, you can put this towards a deposit to put down on a brand new, energy efficient vehicle.

You may have spent a fortune of repairs for your car in the past, but this shouldn’t be a reason why you shouldn’t decide to scrap your mini. These repairs that you have had done will slowly start to wear away and the longer you ponder on the decision whether to scrap your car or not, the more expensive it will be for you.

Rusty and Damaged Minis

If your Mini is covered in rust and has been for several months/years, it would be a good and sensible idea to start looking at scrapping your car. Severe corrosion can cause holes in the underside, compromising the safety of the vehicle which could result in MOT failure. When a car fails an MOT, this makes the car illegal to drive on the road and you are no longer able to sell it. The repairs on a car which has failed its MOT are more than likely going to be very expensive and so, in the long would be more financially beneficial to you if you scrap the car and purchase a new one.

How we can help you!

At Scrap Car Kings, we offer a trusted and professional service which customers can use to scrap their old and unwanted car. We will ensure that your experience choosing to scrap your mini with us is positive and simple. If you would like to receive a free quote for your mini, enquire on our website today or give us a call and speak to one of our experts.

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