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Scrap My Peugeot

If you no longer need your Peugeot, but are concerned that its age and condition are preventing you from getting a quick sale, then you should consider scrapping it instead. With global concerns about the environment, material wastage and pollution, we are encouraged to scrap end of life vehicles, especially scrapping Peugeot cars for recycling, reusing and reducing waste build-up.

However, scrapping your Peugeot isn’t compulsory. You are still free to leave it rusting away in your driveway or you can spend a fortune in repairs to try and make it sellable. But be aware that by scrapping your Peugeot, you are not only making life simpler for yourself but you are also doing a service by taking a dangerous vehicle off the road while helping the environment. So when is it time to consider selling your Peugeot for scrap instead of keeping on the road? Here are a few examples of when Peugeot cars should be scrapped.

Scrapping an Old Peugeot

No matter how reliable or prestigious your Peugeot is, there comes a time when repairs cost more than the vehicle’s worth. The older the Peugeot, the more probability that it will need more serious repairs and replacements. It can be a catch 22 situation: You’ve spent a fortune on repairs so you want to hold on to it, but by doing so, you’ll be creating even more costs in the future; money that could be spent on car loan repayments for a brand new, energy efficient vehicle.

Scrapping an MOT Failure Peugeot

If your Peugeot fails its MOT, it’s illegal for you to drive it on the road and you won’t be able to sell it. So you will have to face the repair bill for it to pass, whether you want to have it repaired or not. Repeated failures are a sign that it’s time to scrap your Peugeot.

Scrapping a Rusted Peugeot

Rust is the first thing that prospective buyers will notice. Even smaller spots could be hiding a more serious rust problem. Severe corrosion can cause holes in the underside, compromising the safety of the vehicle and resulting in MOT failure.

Scrapping a Damaged Peugeot

If your Peugeot has been involved in an accident, your insurance company will need to inspect it to determine whether necessary roadworthiness repairs will cost more than the vehicle’s worth. In which case, your Peugeot will be considered a ‘write-off’ and it will need to be scrapped.

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