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Scrap My Vauxhall

Are you looking to get rid of your damaged, impaired and rusty old Vauxhall taking up a large amount of space on your drive? If so, here at Scrap Car Kings we are a reputable scrap car company who has been serving customers all over London, Essex and Kent for several years. A great alternative to proceeding through the lengthy and time-wasting hassle of physically selling your car, scrapping your Vauxhall is the best, cost effective method which will provide you with a quick and easy sum of money which is guaranteed within a matter of hours.
With a rise in global concerns to the environment, we recommend and encourage the scrapping of vehicles as it can have beneficial effects on lessening the production of pollution and material wastage. Once your car starts to deteriorate, you will be left with no other option and the team at Scrap Car Kings will eliminate all stress on your behalf as we will take care of every aspect that is involved in scrapping your Vauxhall from the beginning to the end, everything will be monitored.

The issues people face with Vauxhalls

All models and types of cars are going to experience generic issues in the duration of their time driving round the roads and transporting people from A to B, this is unavoidable, however there are several factors which can increase the rate in which cars begin to deteriorate. Vauxhalls are popular family cars as they are both, cheap and practical, but some of the main problems people face with their functionality and reliable include:
Cambelt Failure: With Vauxhalls, it is recommended that cambelts should be serviced and replaced at regular intervals. These replacements and repairs can be very costly and become expensive over a long period of time, but if you decide to skip these repairs, it could result in serious damage to the engine and cause even more expense in order for the car to be safe and driveable on the roads. This is a common and well-known problem with Vauxhalls.
ECU/EDU Failure: A very common failure with Vauxhall Astra’s, Corsa’s. This will cause the car to run, and immediately die and won’t even allow the car to start in the first place. To repair this issue, again it can be at a high price and if you aren’t expecting a large repair bill, this can be financially testing, especially for those with large families who run several vehicles.
The average age of cars on the road is up to and more than 11 years and so, if your car is beginning to show signs of failure and lets you down on a regular basis, it may be time to consider scrapping your Vauxhall in for a newer, more reliable car which isn’t going to cause stress and frustration every time you drive.

How to avoid illegitimate Scrap Car companies

Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF) essentially, is a stamp of quality and superiority for the business involved. Scrap Car Kings are connected to a fully certified ATF, meaning that during the scrapping of cars, they are recycled appropriately and in accordance with all safety standards. If you approach a company who claims to scrap cars, we recommend checking if they have an Authorised Treatment Facility Licence – this is important as in recent years, the UK has seen a rise in companies who are working without an ATF licence which is illegal and may result in further complications for both you and the company who claimed to scrap your car environmentally.
When doing your research and investigating all different car scrapping companies, you can count on those on the ATF register, like us here at Scrap Car Kings. Relying on our team to scrap your Vauxhall responsibly and dutifully is something that thousands of our customers have done in the past and we’re always striving to work consistently on delivering an elite service.

Choosing Scrap Car Kings!

If you have held on to your beloved and treasured Vauxhall for a long time and are sceptical about scrapping it, you have come to the right place. In comparison to other scrap car companies, the service we promote is unique and distinctive as our team are passionate about the process of scrapping cars and our enthusiasm is shown through the work we carry out. An integral part of what we do is to interact with our customers, confirming each phase and step taken to ensure they are happy.
Whether your car has failed its MOT or has been written off in an unfortunate accident, we never turn down any enquire so if you’re unsure about scrapping your car, feel free to complete the submission form by entering your registration number into our quotation service on our website and we will get back to you immediately with a valuation of your vehicle, baring in mind that we offer top prices to make sure clients have the opportunity to put a decent deposit towards a newer, modern and more recent car which is going to be more economical and easier to maintain.

Dispose of your Vauxhall today

If you’re looking for a scrap car service in London, we are the company for you. The process is simple yet effective and will provide a multitude of benefits in your life, one of the main being the reduction in worry about your car giving up each and every time you embark on a journey.
For more information about scrapping your Vauxhall with us, browse through our website and if we offer the exact service you are looking for, give one of our team a call on 07944 495 495 to discuss your options. Whether you have a query or require some guidance and advice regarding the scrap car process, contacting us will give you the confirmation needed for you to decide about what to do with your Vauxhall!

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