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Petrol Vs Diesel Car

Petrol Vs Diesel

If you’re looking to buy a new car, the first thing you will have to consider is the type of fuel you want: petrol or diesel.

The decision boils down to budget, fuel economy and driving habits. If you’re looking to make the change from diesel to petrol with your next car, here’s a look at how modern petrol models compare to their diesel counterparts.

Petrol Vs Diesel CarValue

New diesel cars generally cost more to buy. Depending on the make and model, a petrol version can cost around £1500 less.

However, diesel drivers would argue that diesels hold their value better. This may be the case in the first few years and if the car doesn’t have high mileage, but once they hit 5 or 6 years old, the difference is minimal.

Fuel Costs

Traditionally, diesels have always been considered cheaper to run and diesel has long been the fuel of choice for those who regularly clock up high mileage.

However, diesel is more expensive and will cost you more at the pumps. Many diesel owners would argue that diesel models are more fuel efficient than petrol versions so it’s worth paying more, as a diesel car will get you further. But over a 3 year period of around 30,000 miles, the efficiency you’ll get with a diesel compared to petrol is marginal, saving you only around £500.

In fact, modern turbo charged systems now mean that petrol can be more fuel efficient over a long term period if frequently used for short journeys. In other words, if you do a lot of town driving, petrol is the way to go.

Repair Costs

Modern diesels have a particulate filter (DPF) that can easily become blocked with soot if the car is mainly used for short journeys. Replacement filters are notoriously expensive and could set you back thousands of pounds.

Although general maintenance and servicing costs are more or less the same, any serious problems will cost more to fix in a diesel car.

Petrol Vs Diesel


Petrol models reach their performance peak much more quickly. Diesels take longer to unleash their power. Petrol cars are therefore nippier and are again, ideal for short, heavy trafficked journeys. The other advantage of petrol is that it generally offers a smoother and sleeker ride.

If you want to replace your old diesel car with a petrol model, consider scrapping it. You’ll get something back for it, while doing your bit for the environment. For more information on scrapping your diesel car, contact Scrap Car Kings today, or visit us online for a free, instant quote.

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