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Scrap A Car in Kensington

Are you currently the owner of an old car in Kensington and are looking to sell your car for scrap? If so, you have come to the right place and we are able to help you! Our friendly and approachable team will ensure that when you the submit a quote, you receive the valuation for your car in no time. Our estimation service on our website is free, so even if you have always wondered about how much you would get for your old car, ask us today and we’ll reply instantly!

Our collection and removal service is many peoples first port of call when their vehicle needs to be scrapped. However, we are not just located in Kensington, we also collect in Essex, Kent and other London areas. Our main mission is to provide you with a high-quality car recycling service, for the best prices possible in Kensington. So when you think it’s time to scrap your car, contact us and we’ll handle the rest!

Get paid to Scrap your car in Kensington

Your current car may have served its purpose for many years, however what you may not realise is that once cars start to go wrong, it is a gradual down-hill process from then on – failed MOT’s, dead batteries, worn tyres, faulty brakes and clutch failure are only examples of a small list of common problems which can occur with old cars. When scrapping your car at Scrap Car Kings, you can be sure that the money you receive from your car is the best price in the area.

There are also other ways of making money before you scrap your car with us! For instance you can strip your car and sell valuable parts for cash! These can be sold either online or at a local dealership. Once this has been handled, contact us and we’ll give you an instant bank transfer for your car – we do not trade in cash as it’s now illegal!

If you are wondering how much you can earn for your end of life vehicle, request a quote today by providing us with your registration number and we’ll reply immediately!

Safety Implications of owning an old car

An older car can increase the risk of accidents due to their lack of safety features. Newer Cars are fitted with brake assist, pedestrian detection and parking assistance – all features which can benefit the driver. However, installing these items in your old car, can be quite pricey and can often cost just as much as a newer car.

In addition the older the make of the car the more likely it is to regularly breakdown. Therefore, instead of constantly wasting money on repairs and fixes, contact us today to earn some extra money for your end of life vehicle.

The benefits of scrapping your car in Kensington

Scrapping your car is the greatest way to get quick income – even if it is just scrap value. On top of this, most Kensington car scrapping companies will make you spend even more money on collecting your vehicle. However, here at Scrap Car Kings we don’t charge for our collection service. We even pay the best prices in Kensington for your car!

If you are trying to help save the environment, then you should consider scrapping your vehicle.  When we scrap your car, we also recycle metals such as steel, to save more metal being created in the future. When new metal is produced, greenhouse gases are emitted, which further harms the environment by contributing to global warming. Therefore, here at Scrap Car Kings, we’ve made it our mission to prevent this from occurring. We are now registered with the Environmental Agency, so we handle every vehicle with care and the environment in mind. If you are interested in making your mark on the environment, be sure to scrap your car with us.

Scrap your Vehicle with Scrap Car Kings Kensington

Here at Scrap Car Kings it is our mission to scrap your vehicle with ease, eliminating any stress and pressures from your end. We understand that scrapping a car for the first time can be daunting, but we are here to help. Our aim is to collect and remove your vehicle, whilst handling all the paperwork – all you have to do is provide your registration number!

We offer a high-quality scrapping service for the best prices available in Kensington. So contact us today at 07944 495 495 and receive instant information about scrapping your car – there’s no better time than now!

Scrap Vehicles Wanted:

  • New Cars
  • Old Unwanted Cars
  • MOT Failures
  • Accidental Damage
  • Foreign Registered
  • Left Hand Drive
  • Classic Cars
  • Non Runners
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Bikes
  • 4x4s

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