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Sell Your Car – Volkswagen Golf GTI

Sell Your Car: Volkswagen Golf GTI

It’s been around for 40 years now, and this car is still going strong. The Volkswagen Golf GTI is a step above the regular Golf, with better horsepower and torque than the original. The Golf GTI is a good, reliable all-rounder but, even so, there are many reasons you might want to sell your car. Maybe it’s not the right car for you, perhaps you’re getting bored of it, or it’s starting to get a little unreliable in its old age. Here are some of the highs and lows of the Golf GTI that you might want to consider if you’re thinking of selling your car for scrap and replacing it with a newer, sexier model.

Good Points

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is a reliable car with a powerful 2.0 engine and good handling at a range of speeds, so you’ll be just as comfortable on the motorway as you will be driving around town. There’s plenty of storage, with a generous boot and back seats that can fold flat, making it great for families and travelling. The car itself can be quite expensive, but once you’ve got one it’s fairly inexpensive to run.

Bad Points

Despite generally good reviews, there are one or two qualms that consistently crop up with the Volkswagen Golf GTI. It’s an expensive car, especially when you want any added extras to take it above the standard model.

The car has a loud engine. Some people might like this, thinking that it makes the engine sound powerful, but for others it could get annoying and there’s the danger of it covering up any other noises that could indicate a problem with the car.

There have been complaints of faulty dual mass flywheels – so if you notice any problems with the clutch, like rattling noises, the flywheel could be the problem. Problems with the dual mass flywheel can be expensive to fix, so you should consider whether you want to deal with that further down the road when you’re thinking about selling your car.

Sell Your Car

Overall, the Volkswagen Golf GTI is a good, sturdy car, but it can have a few issues. If yours is getting old, developing expensive problems, or if you’re simply getting bored and want to move on to something new, you could think about selling your car for scrap and buying a newer model.

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