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Sporty and Dangerous to Know – The Toyota Matrix

Sporty and Dangerous to Know – The Toyota Matrix

The Toyota Matrix was introduced into the compact hatchback market in 2002. A North American variant of the Toyota Corolla, it was never formerly launched in the United Kingdom. This small sporty car with a powerful choice of engines has suffered from a long and consecutive list of dangerous and problematic faults and recalls. It’s not surprising, therefore, that little more than a decade after its launch in 2014, the Matrix was discontinued.

Unreliable and potentially dangerous to drive, drivers of this doomed Toyota should consider sending this vehicle to the car scrappers with an immediate request for a scrap car quote.

An Increased Crash RiskCar Scrappers

Drivers of the first Matrix generation (2005–2008) should be concerned about a potentially hazardous engine defect that could result in a car crash and potential injury. Caused by a defective circuit board inside the car’s engine control module (ECM), drivers may find that their engine will not start or worse will stall dangerously during driving, Facing an increased risk of a crash, affected drivers should consider requesting a scrap car quote.

Unintended High Speeds with an Inability to Stop

Later Matrix models (2009–2010) have also been affected by two serious and potentially fatal faults affecting the brakes and gas pedals. In impacted cars, a defect in the friction lever has

caused a dangerous build-up of condensation that affects the performance and reliability of the accelerator pedal and brake booster. Drivers may find their vehicle reaches unintended

high speeds and may be difficult to stop! The potential for personal injury is obvious, and drivers impacted by this potential fault should scrap this car immediately.

Dangerous and Faulty Front Door Glass

Another reason to consider sending the Matrix to the car scrappers is the extremely dangerous front door glass fault that affected both generations of the Matrix. As a result of defective

construction, the window glass of certain models has the potential to bind and shatter, seriously injuring the driver while at the wheel.

Potentially Fatal Air Bag DefectsCar Scrappers

Finally, drivers of both Matrix generations should beware of two separate and potentially lethal defects that affect passenger and driver airbags. As a result of a faulty passenger airbag

module, passengers risk serious injury in the event of a crash if the airbag inflator explodes.

Drivers may also face harm in the event of a crash if their airbag is deactivated by a defective clock spring in the driver’s airbag system. With the potential for fatalities, affected Matrix

owners are strongly advised to consider scrapping their car.


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