Can I scrap a car that’s full of rubbish

Can I scrap a car that's full of rubbish

Our scrap car dealers will find it difficult to dispose of your old car if it’s still packed with rubbish and personal belongings. You might think that you can scrap it without clearing it out, saving yourself a job, but, this is not the case.When our vehicle recycler comes to collect your vehicle, you must make sure the car is empty and free from litter.

We are not expecting to pick up a valeted car but our scrap dealers do not have the facilities to dispose of rubbish. Our scrap dealers will not remove a vehicle full of rubbish and personal belongings.

What can be left in a car that is being scrapped

When it comes time to scrap your car, knowing the process is stressful. Our scrap car dealers will only accept vehicles with the necessary car parts left in them. Keep anything related to the car, such as seats or a steering wheel as scrap car removal may not be possible.

Make sure you remove all non-essential items from your car before scrapping it to get the best scrap price. Make sure you clean out any junk inside the car to ensure collection by our scrap car buyer

When scrapping your car, loose parts like wheel trims or spare wheels can stay inside. You will still get a good price. The same goes for damaged bodywork pieces.

What can’t be left in a vehicle that is being scrapped

It’s important to us that you take your belongings and any general waste from your car before our car scrappers arrive for the scrapping process

It can include items left in the car, such as sunglasses or phone chargers, as well as removing coffee cups and food wrappers.

By removing unwanted materials from your vehicle, you’re helping us to reduce our costs and get the best value for scrap car prices.

To get the best prices when through the scrap car process, recycle any containers left in the car and dispose of general or household rubbish

Before I scrap my car, do I need to clean it

Their is no need to wash the car, but make sure you take out all the rubbish.

It’s helpful to spend a few extra minutes checking your vehicle for personal items before taking it to the scrap yard.

Look in the glove compartment, center console, pockets in the car, behind the sun visor, under the seats, seat cracks, and the boot for any personal items. You don’t want to leave anything of value at the scrap dealer

Will you scrap my car that’s in poor condition

At our authorised treatment facility, we provide an efficient and professional service to scrap your car in any condition.

Our team of specialists will handle even the most damaged cars, and make sure to get you the best price for scrap cars with MOT failures with no service history, junk and salvage cars, fleet vehicles or cars that have been written off due to an insurance company.

We can even scrap foreign cars that are not registered to UK authorities.

Our commitment to being one of the best scrap yards in the country means we’re always offering our customers fair prices and great service, regardless of their car’s condition.

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