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Scrap Car Kings is the best place to scrap your car in London. We’ve made scrapping cars in London easy and convenient for everyone. Get an instant car scrap quote on our website  that guarantees you get the best price for your car scrap in London! Plus, we offer free collection throughout London when you decide to go ahead – so it couldn’t be easier. Make your scrap car booking now with Scrap Car Kings!

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We offer the best prices for your scrap cars in London

As London Car Breakers, we understand that our customers are looking for the best scrap car prices in London and we make it our goal to exceed their expectations. We provide a reliable network of scrap car dealers throughout the city, each offering competitive pricing and an easy-to-navigate service. Our experienced team is available to provide assistance with best prices as well as step-by-step instructions to ensure a hassle-free experience. We take pride in delivering top quality service at unbeatable value – you won’t find better prices anywhere else!

scrap my car london

If you’re looking to scrap your car in London, Scrap car kings is the best choice. We provide an instant scrap car quote that’s valid for seven days, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible price for your scrap car.

Environmentally Friendly Recycling of london scrap cars

Scrap cars in London are recycled and reused at our scrap yard in an environmentally friendly way. We make sure all hazardous materials are removed safely from scrap cars to ensure safety standards are met.

The scrap that’s left is tested, graded, weighed and sorted so it can be reused. Our London scrap car dealer has been providing quality services to customers since 1985, when we were the UK’s premier scrap car dealer. With our scrap car disposal services, we guarantee reliability and satisfaction.

Scrap cars we can recycle in London

  • Cars that aren’t running
  • MOT failure
  • salvage or junk cars
  • Rental cars
  • Insurance write-offs
  • Accident-damaged vehicles
  • Trade-in cars
  • Faulty Cars
  • Old Cars

Why people car scrap in London

We hear you ask, “Why should I scrap my car?” There are a lot of good reasons to upgrade your old car with something newer and more fuel-efficient. There’s a lot of traffic and congestion in London, as buses, bikes, and pedestrians compete for space. Due to all this, driving in the city is becoming harder every day. London also has an excellent public transportation system, which makes it easy to get around.

Various areas of London have a ultra low emission zone, which is another important consideration. By limiting access to high-emission vehicles, these zones help reduce air pollution. By scrapping your old damaged car, you’ll help clean up the air in London. Now is the perfect time to scrap your car in this iconic metropolis and get the best deal!

Why should you scrap your car with us?

With our london scrap car services, we have proudly been able to provide hundreds of motorists with cost efficient solutions to their scrap car london needs. With more than 10 years’ experience repairing cars across the city, our london branch is able to provide you with an instant valuation on your damaged car and make scrapping your vehicle in london hassle-free. We even include a certificate of destruction so you can be sure your car was legally and environmentally recycled. Our friendly staff are always on hand to ensure that you get the best deal when it comes to scrapping a car london and we’re happy to pick up for free as well. If you’re looking for the perfect solution when it comes to london scrap cars, look no further!

Frequently asked questions

How much do you get for scrapping a car UK?

The make and model of your car, as well as any additional parts that could be reused, play a role in how much your car is worth as scrap. If you’re just looking for a ballpark figure, many scrapping companies can give you an instant quote based on a few details. In any case, most scrapped vehicles are worth about £150-£300.

How much is a scrap car worth UK 2022?

Do you ever wonder how much money you could make from an old car? A scrap car can fetch a driver up to £200 in 2022 in the UK. A small car will typically sell for over £100, while a midsized car might sell for over £150.

How do I tell DVLA I am scrapping my car?

Got a car to get rid of? Make sure the DVLA is aware of your scrap car so they can remove it from their records! Just enter your registration number, V5 reference and scrapyard details onto their website. Informing them online will save you time and stress.

How Long Will It Take to Scrap My Car?

We can usually pick up your scrap car the same day, depending on how busy our collection team is in London. If this is not possible, you can expect us to pick up your car within 2 days since we’re open 7 days a week.

Can you take commercial vehicles at your London scrap yards?

Sure, we can. We can scrap, recycle, and salvage a huge range of vehicles – from small cars to big trucks and vans.

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