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The Benefits Of Scrapping a Van

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For many businesses, a van is one of – if not the – most important company assets. Vans are a part of everyday life for transportation, deliveries and storage. Vans are notoriously tough and reliable, and are built to withstand heavy duty work. Owners will often continue to use them for years and run them to the ground without considering earning money from it as a scrap van.

The older the van is, the more it is going to cost to keep it road worthy. Vans suffer a fair amount of wear and tear, often resulting in engine problems, poor suspension and rust issues. Old vans also have a negative impact on the environment with their fumes, so it’s easy to see why old vans are difficult to sell.

If you’re considering saying goodbye to your old van for instant cash, here are the benefits of scrapping a van with nominal impact on the environment.

Can you crush a van for scrap?

When a van has been written off by an insurance company, they will usually be responsible for getting the van scrapped. If you’re in a position where you can scrap a van yourself, there are a few things you need to consider.

The scrap metal industry is heavily regulated for environmental and waste handling reasons, and to cut down on metal theft. In order to scrap vans, trucks or similar vehicles, you must become an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). The approval process ensures that we do our job safely and responsibly, in compliance with the regulations that are in place.

It’s not common knowledge to know how to scrap a van, but we’ve made the process easy to understand.

In order to scrap a van, the first step is to remove the battery and all of the fluids, such as the petrol, oil and brake fluid. The fluids must be recycled or disposed of properly by taking it to an oil change facility. The tyres must also be removed and either sold-in if they’re in good condition, or recycled or disposed of correctly. Once this is done, we get to work on removing any re-usable parts, most of which would need re-conditioning before being sold on.

Whatever is left, often just the framework, will be crushed and sold as scrap metal.

Ford_Escort_van_blueWhat do you pay for scrap vans?

Well, that depends. Not very helpful, I know. The thing is, the scrap value of vehicles varies dramatically. A brand new transit van with an irreparably bent frame but a running engine and transmission is worth a lot more than an aging milk float that’s thrown a rod. In the end, we have to have a reasonable expectation of making money off the parts to offer you a good price. Scrap metal itself is going cheap these days.

What about filing the paperwork?

We will notify the DVLA to inform them that we have scrapped a van, then you as a customer must then fill out the log book about the scrapping and send it to the DVLA. A confirmation letter will then be sent out. If you don’t receive any confirmation, we advise calling 0300 790 6802 to request a letter.

Payment for scrapping a van

The scrap value of vehicles varies dramatically, which is why there is no set price per vehicle. It all depends on the quality of the vehicle and what state it is in. As of 2013, it is illegal for anyone to buy scrap metal using cash. Instead, dealers must pay through either a crossed cheque, a prepaid card system or an electronic transfer of funds.

At Scrap Car Kings, we pay by instant bank transfer which will clear immediately and will be arranged before the car is taken. It’s as easy as that!

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