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Scrap My Mercedes   August 12, 2016

Scrap My Car: Mercedes C Class

Associations of sophistication, classic charm and high-end travel probably spring to mind on hearing the word Mercedes. This car brand demands respect worldwide, leading the way with sleek design, innovative technologies and undeniable style.

Like any aged car with high usage, you’re going to encounter problems. A Mercedes C Class may be a highly sought-after vehicle, but when it reaches a certain age it develops complications.

Scrap My MercedesYou may have fallen in love with your car in the beginning, only to be let down as the years tick by. Perhaps you’re starting to wonder, ‘is it time to scrap my Mercedes?’

Here’re a few common issues associated with this car.

Limited Room in the Back

When buying a car such as a Mercedes C Class, you’re probably expecting a roomy back seat and enough space to fit five adults with ease. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with this model. Due to a design flaw, it leaves less foot room in the back, which means an uncomfortable squeeze for your passengers. It could be the reason you’re looking to scrap your Mercedes.

Low Fuel Economy on Petrol Engines

This car was expensive at the time of release. Due to its slow depreciation, this could be forgiven. But what about the all-important running costs? The diesel engines are more cost effective, but the petrol versions are more expensive to run and you probably find yourself going through fuel at lightning speed.

Everyone wants a car that can deliver good fuel economy and perhaps this Mercedes is no longer fitting in with your current circumstances. It might be time to sell or scrap your car for cash and move on to a car that can save you money in the long run.

Not as Green as Modern Vehicles

The carbon emissions grade is not an afterthought when buying cars these days. The green credential is a hot topic in the world of cars. Unfortunately, the Mercedes C Class lacks an eco-friendly rating, especially if you’ve got a petrol engine. If this is starting to bother you, seek out a car scrappers for cash and move on to a more planet-friendly vehicle.

Mercedes are in no danger of going out of fashion and they’re a classic brand steeped in history. However, if you’re starting to tire of your old C Class and find yourself saying, ‘can I scrap my Mercedes’, get the process started and give Scrap Car Kings a call today, or simply visit us online for a free quote.

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