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Scrap a 4X4

What happens to my scrap 4×4?

Well, we are connected to fully certified ATFs, or Authorised Treatment Facilities. You have to be to scrap 4x4s and off road vehicles in the UK. This is mostly to ensure that the company undertaking your vehicle scrapping obeys all relevant environmental and waste handling procedures.

Those procedures can be quite involved. The battery and tyres must be removed, and will typically be sent to specialist recycling facilities – the batteries in particular can be quite toxic. All of the oil, petrol or diesel, brake fluid and other consumables must be removed and disposed of properly as well. Only then can we begin to remove any parts which can be reused after being rebuilt or reconditioned.

Then the vehicle (typically just a chassis now) is crushed and sold as scrap metal.

If the vehicle was written off as a total loss with your insurance company, they will usually handle all the scrapping arrangements. However, if you’re doing it all yourself there are a few things you’ll need to know.

Scrap a Car RainhamHow much do you pay for scrap 4x4s?

That all depends on your 4×4, and what shape it is in. We make money by recovering and re-selling those parts which can still be used, and by selling the remainder for scrap (which is not worth much these days). Therefore, we stand to make a lot more scrapping a brand new Land Rover than a 20 year old Subaru, no matter what shape they are in. We’ll have to make you an offer based on your specific vehicle, and what we expect to salvage from it.

What about paperwork?

There’s really not much to do from your end. We’ll handle notifying the DVLA that the vehicle has been scrapped and fill out all relevant forms.They should send you back a receipt. If they do not, it is your responsibility to ring them at 0300 790 6802 to make sure everything is in order.

No Cash for scrap 4x4s

It became illegal to offer cash for scrap 4x4s or other vehicles in 2013. This law was intended to prevent or at least reduce theft of vehicles for their scrap value. However, if the 4×4 is in good condition and is simply becoming old, we can absolutely pay cash upon collection. Otherwise we action a bank transfer on day of collection.

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