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Sell your Scrap or Damaged Car for Cash

Oddly enough, these days most people simply don’t seem to be aware that they can actually trade their old scrap cars for money, so instead they leave the vehicles to rust and take up space around a compound, useful only as a place to store dirt and the occasional curious wildlife. If you aren’t using your car anymore for whatever reason – perhaps it is no longer considered to be road worthy or has been damaged in an accident in a way that is simply too expensive or impossible to repair, then you can make sure that you don’t lose the opportunity to earn some cash from your misfortune. Rather than having your old scrap car towed away for a price that you pay out of your back pocket, consider the fact that you can actually make money from what you may now consider to be little more than a hunk of junk.

But, Why Scrap Car Kings?

There are three excellent reasons to have Scrapcarkings scrap your vehicles:

  1. We are connected to a fully certified Authorised Treatment Facility. We are in full compliance with all applicable regulations, and are registered with every applicable environmental agency. That means you know that we’re doing it all right, and with an absolute minimum of environmental impact.
  2. We contact the DVLA ourselves to confirm that your vehicle has been scrapped, right away. This makes your paperwork easier (and faster).
  3. Possibly the most important reason: We pay the best prices in the area.

So, contact us today at 07944 495 495, and we’ll send someone right over!

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