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Scrap my Car for cash

At Scrap Car Kings, we make it quick and easy to scrap your car and to obtain a fair payment that represents its value today. We will collect your car from you, deal with all of the necessary paperwork and take it away even if it is a non-runner or in an unroadworthy condition. We deal with all sorts of cars, too, so we can help you whether you have an SUV, a family saloon, a two-seater or even a prestigious 4×4 that you’d like to be scrapped.

Our experts know exactly what to do in all aspects of car scrapping, something that has led to us developing an enviable reputation for professionalism with car owners in much of London as well as parts of Essex and Kent.

Why Scrap a Car?

There are plenty of good reasons to scrap a car and to obtain its value in the form of money you can spend. In some cases, it is because the car would be too hard to sell for its second-hand value. This might be because it has been damaged, is unroadworthy or is costing more to keep on the road with each passing month.

Some people also see the environmental benefit of scrapping their car – which effectively means recycling many of its materials and components – rather than keeping it on the road. After all, replacing an old or worn-out car with something newer will usually mean obtaining a more efficient model, one which also produces less pollution per mile.

How Much Is Your Car Worth For Scrap?

This is not something that cannot be answered in one fell swoop because the fact of the matter is that the value your car has as a scrap vehicle will vary greatly depending on its age and condition. This is because scrapped cars are not simply worth a given value because of the metal that can be reclaimed from them.

If your car is not that old and still has plenty of components that can be used once again, for example, then its value is likely to be higher than an older model which is more worn down. Indeed, if the car you’d like to scrap is still in production, then the after-market for spares and parts is likely to be more buoyant, something that will affect its valuation.

You can find out the scrap value of your car by calling us or using the online quotation system and answering a few simple questions about your car. Please note, however, that cash cannot be lawfully paid for scrap cars these days. All such transactions must be accountable and, therefore, carried out with a bank transfer.

Paperwork and Scrapped Cars

At Scrap Car Kings, we’ll handle all of the boring paperwork that comes with a change in car ownership whether it is being scrapped or otherwise. This means you can rely on us to notify the DVLA that you are no longer the registered keeper of your old car and that it has been scrapped. You should obtain a receipt from the DVLA to confirm that everything has been taken care of for you.

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