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Can I scrap my car without a logbook?   August 21, 2020

Your vehicle logbook, AKA your ‘V5C’, is a four-page paper document issued to you by the DVLA in relation to your vehicle. It’s not uncommon for vehicle owners to misplace or even lose their logbooks, because it’s not a document that you have to call upon day-to-day – just when big changes happen.

The V5C is very helpful if you’re trying to sell your car to a new owner, but what about if you’re simply scrapping your car? We clarify everything below for you, but here’s a spoiler: scrapping your car is possible even if you don’t have your logbook.

What exactly is a ‘V5C’/logbook for?

It is a common misconception that the logbook is one permanent document that passes from owner to owner through a vehicle’s lifetime to prove who owns it at that time – that is not the case. Each new owner gets a revised version of the logbook, and then another revised version each time they change address.

It’s also crucial to reiterate that the logbook is not proof of ownership: it merely states who is responsible for registering and taxing the vehicle.

What does it look like?

It is multi-coloured, with the top half of the first page being predominantly red and therefore very noticeable.

What information does it hold?

Plenty, but here is the main gist of it:

  • The car’s registration number (as in, the number plate)
  • When the car was first registered
  • How many former owners the car has had
  • The vehicle’s technical details (e.g. make, model, variant, version, fuel-type and so on)
  • The current keeper’s name and address

Why is the logbook important to me as a vehicle owner looking to scrap my car?

Most people, when buying a used car, want to know that they’re buying it from the right person and that they have a clear log of that car’s history. Otherwise, they don’t know what exactly they’re buying.

It’s helpful to buyers because it immediately gives them important information such as how many people have owned it, how long it has been on the road, whether it has been modified from its original state (including repainted) and plenty more little details.

Without your V5C handy, you might struggle to sell your car to many potential buyers.

However, when scrapping your vehicle, you’re essentially selling it to be scrapped for parts – you’re not selling it on to someone else who intends to use it as a reliable vehicle – so all of that historical information doesn’t really matter. The car is at the end of its lifespan, and that’s that.

So can I scrap my car without the V5C or not?

Yes, you can scrap your car without your logbook, because it isn’t a legal requirement. Be warned, though, that it is just a bit more of a complicated process than if you had retained the logbook.

Depending on how much money your chosen scrapping company has quoted you as a price for your vehicle, it may actually be worth applying for a new V5C from then DVLA – because it only costs £25, and then the process will be simpler for you.

I’ve lost my logbook – what should I do?

As mentioned above, you can proceed to scrap your vehicle without your logbook, or you can get it replaced for £25; it’s simply up to you whether you want to pay that £25.

I bought the car secondhand and never had the logbook in the first place – what should I do?

Again, you can rectify this by just applying for a new one from the DVLA, or you can skip this process and go the slightly more convoluted route (more about that below).

So how exactly do I go about scrapping my car without the V5C?

First and foremost, you must make sure that you scrap your car through what’s known as an ‘Authorised Treatment Facility’ (ATF) – in other words, through a reputable scrapping company like ourselves.

If you go through an unauthorised company for whatever reason, you will be breaking the law and therefore open yourself up to numerous fines.

An ATF will do everything the right way, liaising with the DVLA to issue you with a Certificate of Destruction within seven days.

Is the Certificate of Destruction important?

Yes, very.

The Certificate of Destruction proves to you that the ATF has indeed scrapped the vehicle and notified the DVLA, rather than surreptitiously repairing it and selling it on to a new owner.

Going through an ATF should mean that everything is going to be done legally and you aren’t being misled, but it’s better for your peace of mind if you clarify beforehand with the scrapping company that you will get a CoD.

It is the DVLA who issues the Certificate of Destruction – the ATF is just the intermediary – so once you have the document, you know the vehicle is genuinely destroyed and you are no longer the registered keeper.

Make it easy with Scrap Car Kings

We are an ATF operating across London, Essex and Kent, and can scrap your car for you even if you don’t have the logbook for whatever reason. We do everything above board, following best practices to the letter, and will issue you with your Certificate of Destruction within seven days.

Get a quick online quote from us to see the most competitive price for your vehicle, and if you’re happy with it, we’ll pay you upfront and then come to collect it from you.

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