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At scrapcarkings.com, we understand that getting rid of an old Jaguar can be a difficult decision. However, we also know that it can be the best way to get the most value for your money.

With our extensive network of Jaguar scrap specialists and scrap car yards, we’re sure to find you the best deal. We’ll work with you to find a solution that meets your needs and budget, and we’ll even provide free quotes so you can compare prices.

Whether you’re looking to scrap your Jaguar for parts or for cash, we’re confident that we can help you get the best possible price. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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How is A Jaguar Scrapped?

Before your Jaguar is recycled, all of the valuable parts are removed. This includes the lead-acid battery, gas tank, airbags, tires, oils, and catalytic converter. These parts can be reused or sold individually. Hazardous materials are also removed to ensure the safety of the environment. Once all of the valuable and hazardous materials have been removed, your Jaguar is crushed and recycled.

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We scrap all Jaguar models

We are a professional scrap Jaguar disposal company. We take all models from every year, including the XE, XF, XK, and X Type. We also take Sovereigns, S Types, and Eagles. We have a team of experts who are experienced in removing Jaguars safely and efficiently.

We will come to your location and remove the Jaguar from your premises. We will then transport it to our facility where it will be dismantled and recycled. We offer a hassle-free service that is reliable and efficient. Contact us today to get started.

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What affects my Jaguar scrap value?

When scrapping your Jaguar, the biggest factor impacting the price you’ll receive is the weight of your vehicle. Because models like the Jaguar are among the heaviest in their class, they tend to bring in higher prices than smaller cars. For example, a 2015 Jaguar XE weighs over 4,000 pounds, while a 2019 Jaguar XF is just shy of 4,500 pounds. This 500-pound difference can impact your scrap value of your vehicle.

In addition to weight, other factors that will affect the scrap price of your Jaguar include its age, condition, and any damage it has sustained. If you have an older model that’s in good condition, you’ll receive better prices than for a newer model that’s in poor condition. Similarly, if your car has been in an accident or has sustained other damage, that will also reduce its value. So if you’re looking to get top dollar for your Jaguar when scrapping it, be sure to keep these factors in mind.

Common reasons for scrapping a Jaguar

Engine Problems

Running on a naturally aspirated, double camshaft, V6 petrol engine, the 2003-2007 X-Type is available with three engine sizes. The 2.1 litre engine offers 155bhp, while the 2.5 offers 194bhp, and the 3.0 delivers 231hp.  However, even at a relatively low mileage people have reported problems with oil pan gaskets leaking onto the exhaust system. Due to their location, replacing these is difficult and expensive, with average labour taking 8-9 hours, and new seals costing around £700.

Scrapping a Jaguar X-Type

Gearbox Problems

Transmission for the X-Type offers a choice between a 5-speed manual gearbox, and an automatic transmission. The automatics have seen a series of problems, largely due to transmission fluid getting too hot. A design fault has also seen water from the windshield flow to the left lower A pillar and out through the rocker panels. This, combined with water leaking into the foot wheel, has resulted in moisture-damaged transmission controllers. You can see if this is happening by looking for rust around the left front door hinges or water in the foot well. Unfortunately, as it’s a design flaw, the problem is likely to recur.

Brake Problems

A lot of manual transmission X-Types have a nasty habit of rolling away when parked on an incline. This is most likely because the brake components shrink when cooling. It’s a common problem for X-Types built in early 2004 so have a look at your service history to see if the problem has been remedied. Furthermore, these X-Types have had brake sensors internally delaminate. This can result in the brakes responding unevenly or suddenly applying themselves.

Cruise Control Problems

If you have an X-Type built between 2005 and 2006 you may experience issues with the cruise control. As this problem involves lights not engaging when there are problems with the engine management system, it can be quite serious.

While Jaguar should have fixed many of these issues, they’re a strong cause of concern. Many of these issues are design flaws and expensive or difficult to repair. The safest option may be to sell your aging X-Type for scrap.

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