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Yes! If you’d like to scrap a car with Scrap Car kings you can drop off at our depot in Grays. Please call to arrange

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We offer an instant quote on the price you can get for your car and will endeavour to collect it from you as soon as possible. Whilst this may not be on the same day, we can be flexible and will attempt to collect your vehicle at a time that suits you best.

Yes, we can. We operate 7 days a week, which means we can collect your car from anywhere in London on the day that suits you best. If you have any queries or questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

No, just make sure you take out any personal belongings, gather any paperwork you have for your car, remove house keys from the key ring.

We understand that you may not be able to be present when we arrive to scrap your car. As long as there is someone with the car who can show their proof of ID and address, we will be able to go ahead with scrapping your car. We appreciate that it may be difficult for you to be there, so we are happy to work with someone else as long as they are able to provide us with the information and access to the car that we need.

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If you’re scrapping your car, it’s important that you inform the DVLA. You might be liable for future charges relating to the vehicle if you don’t. The easiest way to do this is by completing and returning section 9 (or section 4 on post-April 2019 documents) of the V5C log book form. You can get rid of your unwanted car in other ways too, like selling it or breaking it for parts. But scrapping it is the only way to make sure it can never be used on the road again. When a car is scrapped, all its parts are recycled and the metal is melted down and reused.

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Yes, we do and we pride ourselves on offering the best quotes, especially for well-running cars that are under 8 years old. Call today for a quote.

Yes! If you’d like to sell a car to Scrap Car kings we will purchase it regardless of the make, model or condition. Call us for the best price

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As a recognised leading car scrap provider, we regularly collect cars from homeowners across London and Essex. You can check what areas we collect scrap cars from in our “Collection Locations” section or call us on 07944 495 495 to check.

If you’re slightly outside of London or Essex and just want to double-check that our team can travel to collect your vehicle, please either send us a message or call us or head to our scrap car collections page to see the full list of collection locations that we cover.

Whilst we are a provider of car scrapping services, we also regularly scrap vans and most things with wheels and can provide you with a fair and competitive quote for your vehicle. Just give us a call to tell us what vehicle you have. Contact us directly on 07944495495.

Yes, your car has to be complete, as we only buy COMPLETE cars. This means they must have a catalytic converter, battery, wheels, and all other essential parts present.

If you’re looking to scrap your car, you may be wondering how you’ll get paid. The good news is that at Scrap Car Network, we make the payment process quick and easy. We’ll transfer the money directly into your bank account, so you don’t have to worry about carrying around large amounts of cash. Plus, recent changes to the law have made it illegal to pay cash for scrap cars – so our payment methods are designed to keep you safe and compliant with the law.

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Usually, it takes between 5 – 10 minutes to load your car onto our recovery vehicle. It may take longer depending on the location of your car and how difficult it is to remove.

Don’t worry, it’s not a problem, it just means that you will need to prove to us that you are the owner of the car in order for us to stay on the right side of the law.

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If you have lost the keys to your car, don’t worry – we can still scrap it for you. Just leave it to us and when we contact you to confirm your details, please let us know if there are any obstructions or height restrictions that could make it difficult to recover. You can sell your car for scrap without the keys, but you will need to provide us with paperwork proving vehicle ownership and there may be deductions from your final payment for any inconvenience and extra work for the scrap dealer who collects it. Thanks for choosing Scrap My Car!

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When you scrap your car, you will need to provide some documentation to the scrap metal dealer. This is in line with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, which requires dealers to verify the name and address of anyone selling scrap metal. The specific documents you will need to provide are your car keys, registration document (V5C), and locking wheel nut key if your car has alloy wheels. You may also have other paperwork for the car that you should provide at the time of collection. By scrapping your car with a licensed dealer, you can be sure that all legal requirements will be met and that you will receive the best possible price for your scrap metal.

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A registration document (V5C/log book) is the document issued by the DVLA usually to the owner of the vehicle or the person/ company who is responsible for the vehicle.

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