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Scrapping your car in Essex is easy with our scrap car collection. We collect scrap cars seven days a week in Essex and offer free collection. So if you have a write-off or a damaged car, fill out our car scrap valuation form for a free quotation today.

We specialise in removing unwanted vehicles, regardless of age, condition, or roadworthiness. We will take all kinds of vehicles off your hands, whether old, broken down, crash-damaged, or just getting in your way. We will recycle them at an environmentally friendly facility and create a certificate of destruction for you.

And you don’t need to worry about haggling over the price. When you call us, we’ll give you a fair and competitive quote based on the current scrap value of your car. So don’t delay – scrap your car today.

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How do I scrap my car in Essex_ (2) (1)

How do I scrap my car in Essex?

Do you need to scrap your car? If the answer is yes, we’re here to assist you with that. We offer a quick and easy way of getting it done in no time. The process is super easy – follow these steps:

Request a car scrappage quote online

If you’re asking how to scrap my car Basildon, then you’ve come to the right place. We provide an unbeatable price for Essex scrap cars, based on just a few details. Our innovative way of working means that we can return the best price for your vehicle in next to no time.

Arrange for us to collect your car or van

We offer a free scrap car collection service throughout Essex, meaning you don’t have to deliver your vehicle to us. Select a free scrap vehicle collection time that suits you, and we will arrange car collection from any location. We know that many cars sold for scrap aren’t roadworthy, so our scrap vehicle service includes the recovery of your scrap vehicles at no extra cost.

Get Paid

Once we have arranged to collect your unwanted vehicle, we’ll pay you the agreed-upon price. We don’t haggle or try to knock you down. We value our reputation and always pay the best price for scrap cars. So if you’re looking to scrap your vehicle, call us today. We’ll get the best price for it and scrap it in an environmentally friendly manner at our approved authorised treatment facility, which will create a certificate of destruction

Why should I scrap my car in Essex_

Why should I scrap my car in Essex?

If your car or van is starting to rack up repair bills that cost more than it is worth, it might be time for you to scrap the car. Or if you live in certain parts of Essex where there are great transport links, having a car can seem pointless so scrapping a car is a great way to get the best price for end-of-life or damaged car.
Here are the top 5 reasons we see customers scrapping their cars daily.

  • Scrap a car or van if it costs a lot to run
  • Scrap an unsafe car to drive
  • Scrap a car or van that’s been written off
  • Scrap an unused car
  • Scrap a car or van if you need quick cash

Scrap car Essex instant quote

With our car scrapping Essex branches, you can get an instant online quote for your car as quickly as possible. Doing so can always estimate what it will be worth if you decide to scrap it.

There are several reasons why this is a very good idea.

  1. Perhaps you’re curious about how much your old car is worth, so you know how much you might be able to sell it for quickly.
  2. Perhaps you would like a car scrap quotation from us to compare with another company’s offer?
  3. Or maybe you would like to know how much we would pay for your unwanted car to scrap instead of going through the hassle of selling it?

Get a Free Scrap Car Quote

What happens next when scrapping my car?

Only after you have agreed to our terms will we arrange a free collection service to collect your scrap vehicle from you. Just bring your VC5 (logbook) and proof of ID, like a utility bill or driving license, to prove your car legally belongs to you.

Whether you have your vehicle off the road on private land or the street, we will arrive at the agreed time to pick it up and take it away. Please note, however, that our Essex car scrapping service will never involve us handing over cash since this is no longer a legal practice. Instead, we will arrange for a secure transfer to your bank account of the agreed sum.

Once the car is taken away, it becomes our responsibility, too, so you won’t have to worry about any further DVLA paperwork. Some residents in Essex are concerned about being present when we come to collect their scrap vehicles. It is not essential, and if you do not want to be there – or cannot make it – then we can proceed contact-free so long as we can access the scrap vehicles.

Cars for cash essex

Nowadays, more and more people are scrapping their car, van, or motorcycle for cash. With scrap metal prices at an all-time high and car costs higher than ever, scrapping has become a popular way to get cash for your unwanted car.

There are several reasons you might choose to get rid of your scrap or unwanted vehicle for cash. Perhaps it’s uneconomical to repair, or you’re looking to upgrade to a more environmentally-friendly model. Whatever the reason, scrapping your car can be a time-efficient and financially rewarding way to dispose of it.

If you’re thinking of scrapping your unwanted vehicle today, there are a few things you need to know. First, ensure you have all the necessary paperwork – including your registration document (V5C) and proof of ID. You’ll also need to remove any personal belongings from the vehicle. Once that’s done, you can start shopping around for a reputable scrap yard in your area.

When choosing a scrap yard, it’s important to consider factors such as free collection, best prices, convenience, and customer service. Once you’ve found a yard that meets your needs, take your car down there, and they will take care of the rest. Scrapping your car has never been easier – or more profitable!

Despite what may seem like a convenient way to get rid of an old car or some scrap metal, paying cash for scrap is now against the law.
The Scrap Metal Dealers Act, introduced in October 2013, was designed to crack down on metal theft and bring greater transparency to the industry. Under the new legislation, cash payments for all forms of scrap are prohibited.

Instead, scrap dealers must pay by cheque or electronic transfer. If caught paying cash for scrap, you could face a fine of up to £5,000. So next time you want to get rid of some unwanted metal, make sure you do it legally.

How do I get my road tax back after scrapping my car?

Car scrap removal is a professional service that removes your end-of-life vehicle for recycling. You must surrender the car registration number to the car recycling company to cancel the vehicle tax.

If you have a Direct Debit in place for car tax, this will be automatically canceled by the DVLA, and they will refund any full months left on the road tax. A cheque will be issued and made payable to the vehicle’s registered keeper for the remaining road tax.

If you are the legal owner but not the registered keeper, you can write or contact the DVLA with proof of your ownership, such as a bill of sale. In this instance, provide your name, address, and car registration number. It would help if you also mentioned that you would like the car tax refund sent to your address.

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How Long Will it Take You to Scrap Your Vehicle?

Scrap my car in Essex is a quick and easy process with our team. We’ll take your scrap vehicle off your hands for the best price possible and carry out vehicle recycling responsibly, with the bonus of paying you for it! But I hear you asking, “How long will it take to scrap my car:

Get in touch (5mins) – Give us a call on our company number or fill out our online form to request a free quote. We’ll need basic information about your cars, such as their make, model, age and phone number.

Book a free collection (2 – 4 hours) – Once you’ve accepted our quote, we’ll arrange a convenient time to collect your car. We cover all of Essex, so we’ll be able to come to you, no matter where you are, with our free car removal service.

Clear out your car (5mins) – Before we collect your car, we recommend that you take a few minutes to check it over. Clear out any rubbish, remove any decorative items from the vehicle, and make sure you haven’t left anything you might want in there. We also recommend that you remove any personal belongings from the car, as our insurance will not cover these.

Put your scrap vehicle onto our loader (10mins) – scrap car collection can typically take 5-10 minutes. However, this can differ depending on the car. The DVLA paperwork must be ready, and your scrap cars must be accessible for the tow truck. Then you must sign the relevant section of your V5C logbook. The collectors will hook your car to their truck and take it to our approved authorised treatment facility. You will be sent a certificate of destruction. It may take a little longer if the vehicle is difficult to access, has no wheels, or cannot be pulled along.

Immediate payment (5mins) – By law, Scrap car dealers are now required not to pay for scrap cars in cash. It is part of wider legislation to prevent car theft for scrap. Instead, they will pay the money directly into your bank account.

The average time from the car scrappage quote to a scrap car collection is half a day

Read our car scrapping Essex customer reviews

Tony BarnesTony Barnes
16:53 10 Apr 22
Quick and easy, smooth collection with updates along the way. Also turns out someone had stolen the catalytic converter from my car, but Scrap Car Kings still took it away (with a fair lower price). Thank you!
Paul MullenderPaul Mullender
17:36 28 Jun 21
Quality service… came in short notice, made payment as soon as he arrived… also gave a very reasonable price for such a old car… highly recommended will use again!!
z shahz shah
14:31 28 Jun 21
Great service speedy handover money received instantly
Simran SinghSimran Singh
10:04 30 May 21
Great response time came next day, quick and easy process.
Pauline parkerPauline parker
15:25 08 Mar 21
This is the 3rd car I had to scrap and as before I chose a reliable friendly prompt serviceWill use these lovely people again and refer to anyone who needs to scrap a car

The difference between scrap and salvage cars essex

A salvage car is a vehicle damaged beyond repair or considered unfit for use on the road. Usually, the owner of the vehicle needs to dispose of it because the cost of repairing it will exceed the value of the vehicle. However, salvage companies in Essex often receive vehicles from insurance companies.

The parts of salvaged cars are usually in better condition for repair or resale because they are generally less than 10 years old. With the right investment and knowledge, salvage cars can be made roadworthy again and prove a cost-effective purchase.

The main difference between scrap and salvage is that a salvage vehicle has the potential to be repaired and then returned to the road. A scrap vehicle cannot be repaired and is only fit for scrap metal.

Consequently, if you are considering buying a salvage car, it is important to research to ensure that you are getting a good deal and that the vehicle is worth repairing.

When it comes to determining the price of a salvage car, there are a few factors that will come into play. First and foremost, the condition of the vehicle will have a direct impact on the value.

Suppose the car is in good condition, with only minor cosmetic damage. In that case, it will likely fetch a higher price than a significantly damaged one. Additionally, the age and model of the vehicle will also impact its value.

Older vehicles are often worth more than newer ones, as they tend to have more metal that we can recycle. Finally, the size and weight of the vehicle will also play a role in determining its price.

Heavier and larger vehicles are worth more than smaller ones, as they contain more scrap metal. When selling a salvage car, it is important to keep these factors in mind to get the most value for your vehicle.

How much do you get for scrapping a car in Essex?

When you’re ready to scrap your car, the first thing you’ll want to know is the scrap value of your car and the best price you can get. The payments for scrapped vehicles can vary widely, depending on several factors when bought by an authorised treatment facility.

The size and weight of your vehicle are two of the most important considerations. Your car’s make, model, and age will also affect its value. And, of course, the continually fluctuating scrap metal market can impact the best price quoted.

Another factor to consider is the location of your chosen scrap dealer. Some scrap dealers may be willing to pay more for cars in certain areas, such as Essex.

Finally, whether your car is complete or not when it’s delivered to the scrapyard will also affect its value. A car that’s been stripped of all its parts will be worth less than a car that’s still in running condition.

Scrap car prices essex?

Finding a reputable and reliable scrap dealer is crucial to getting the best price for your scrap car. A significant amount of money is invested in advanced car recycling equipment by our Authorised treatment facilities. We can recycle our scrap cars more efficiently and get a greater return on them.

It results in our offering the best possible price for your scrap car. When you agree to a price, we won’t try to renegotiate it after you’ve agreed to it, as some other scrappage companies do.

Keeping our customers informed is one of our top priorities. We won’t charge you any hidden fees when scrapping your car with us. Our payment will be based on the quote we’ve provided for your car. We will handle all administrative tasks efficiently, and the DVLA will only require you to return one slip. We offer the best scrap car prices.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like to sell your scrap car for a fair price. You can expect a competitive quote from us.

Car scrap in essex FAQ

scrap car

We will offer you an instant quote for your car as soon as you have got in touch with us by phone or via our website. We will collect your car from you as soon as possible, depending on how busy we are and how many other cars we have to collect. Whilst this may not be on the same day, we will arrange with you to collect your vehicle at a time that works best for you.

Can I scrap my car today?

No. If it isn’t convenient for you to be around when we come to collect your car, you can ask a neighbour, relative or friend to hand over the keys and relevant documents. It is usually a very quick process to collect your car and should take between 5 and 10 minutes, though this depends on where your car is parked, how big it is and whether it is still in good working order or not.

Do I need to be present when you collect my car?

Regardless of the condition of your scrap car, you should always get paid when you scrap it. After all, scrap cars are made of valuable metal that can be recycled and reused. So, if you’re looking to scrap your car, be sure to take it to a reputable scrap yard that offers great service and pays top dollar for scrap cars. In most cases, you can even get same-day payment for your scrap car. So, don’t wait – scrap your old car today!

Do you get paid for scrapping a car

We scrap cars in all areas of London within the M25. We also scrap cars throughout Essex, in all areas around the M11 and A12 and if you aren’t sure whether we collect in your area, give us a call to have a chat with one of our friendly representatives.

Do you only scrap cars in Essex

When you’re looking to scrap your car for the most money, it’s important to find a reputable company who will give you a great price for it. There are lots of companies out there who claim to offer the best prices for scrap cars, but not all of them will deliver on their promises. Do your research and take the time to read reviews before you choose a company to scrap your car with. Once you’ve found a good company, the next step is to get your car ready for scrapping. Make sure that all of your personal belongings have been removed from the vehicle, and that it’s clean and tidy. The company you choose should be able to provide you with a great price for your car, regardless of its condition.

Learn more on How can I scrap my car for the most money?

Scraping your car is a great way to get rid of an old car that you no longer need. However, before you scrap your car, you need to inform the DVLA. You can do this by writing a letter to the DVLA and explaining that you have scraped your car but do not have the V5C. Be sure to include your full name and address, as well as the name, address and VAT number of the scrap yard where you sold the car. Once the DVLA has this information, they will be able to update their records and remove your car from their database.

How do I inform DVLA that I scrapped my car?

Whilst it may seem like a daunting process, scrapping your car with Scrap Car Kings is actually very easy as we do all the work and you don’t need to visit a scrap yard. Once you’ve got in touch with us over the phone or via our website, we will take some details about your car and offer you a quote. When you have agreed the price, we will pay you the money and bring a truck to any destination in Essex to collect your vehicle and the Vehicle Registration Document. Once your car has been scrapped we will send you a Certificate of Destruction.

Learn more on How do I scrap my car

All cars should have a Vehicle Registration Document, also known as a VC5. This registers your vehicle with the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency) and includes important details about the car, including the date it was first registered, manufacturer, engine size and colour. This document proves that the car you are scrapping belongs to you, which is why we need to have it to enable us to take your car.

What is the Vehicle Registration Document?

Where in Essex Can I Scrap My Car

Where in Essex Can I Scrap My Car?

Our scrap car collection service covers all parts of Essex. We will collect any scrap vehicle free of charge from wherever it is, whether that’s your home, workplace, garage, or even if you have broken down on the road somewhere in the county. Just call us on our company number, and we’ll do our best to help get your car collected in any location in Essex.

Please note that we are frequently in places like Brentwood and Billericay. We can also be of service if your car is located in Chigwell, Basildon, or Grays. Our car scrap service is also suited to residents of Southend-on-Sea and other parts of the Thames estuary. We also often scrap cars in Ilford, Barking, and Rainham, among other locations, so we are ready to respond throughout Essex and East London.

Why Scrap your vehicle with us?

Our scrap dealers in Essex make the process of scrapping your car as easy and hassle-free as possible and offer excellent customer service. We understand that the process can seem daunting if you have never scrapped a car. Our website FAQ section explains the process in clear detail, and you can call us on 07944 495 495 for a free estimate or if you have any questions about the process.

Everyone is aware of the pressing need to reduce carbon output and ensure that cars are as environmentally sustainable as possible. Older vehicles have not been fitted with the same technology today, and it’s more responsible for taking them off the road and scrapping them. We offer the best scrap car prices in the Essex area and a free collection, ensuring the best price for you.

We conduct all our payment processes via bank transfer. We comply with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, which means we cannot make cash payments. We pay by instant bank payment once the collection driver has arrived to collect the car in Essex, and the payment clears immediately BEFORE the car is taken away. We will wait for you to check that you have received it before the driver leaves with the scrap vehicle. The collection driver will stamp the V5 for you to send off to the DVLA and issue you with a receipt.

As well as giving you peace of mind on the best price for your scrapped vehicle, we provide evidence of full compliance with the regulatory authorities governing scrap metal dealers. We are connected to a fully certified (by the environment agency) Authorised Treatment Facility and all relevant environmental agencies. Authorised Treatment Facilities must pass stringent quality and safety checks to operate. It is against the law to recycle or otherwise scrap your car in a non-ATF due to the potential hazards associated with car parts such as car batteries and engines. We also liaise directly with the DVLA to assert that the vehicle has been scrapped and that you will receive all your DVLA paperwork promptly.

We can take many different vehicles, including new cars, write-offs, end-of-life vehicles, MOT failures, accidentally damaged vehicles, vans, trucks, 4x4s, and old classic cars. We also buy newer “non-scrap” cars, which we will offer premium prices, especially if they are under 8 years old. Get in touch now.

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