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Scrap My Car Process?

Scrap your car in 4 simple steps…

Enter the registration number of your car and we'll give you the best valuation of your vehicleYou accept the offer for your vehicle, we pay you and come and collect your scrap vehicle

Are you looking to scrap your car? Our Essex Scrap Car Team offers a quick, easy and hassle-free service. We will buy your scrap vehicle from you no matter where you’re located in Essex or London. Simply request a free instant quote or give us a call on 07944 495 495 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.We’ll give you a valuation for your vehicle and, once you’ve accepted it, we’ll pay you and then come and collect your car. It couldn’t be simpler! We believe in providing excellent scrap car prices with no hidden charges, which is why we offer free collection regardless of its location.

We also take care of all the paperwork for you, so you can be reassured that everything is being dealt with efficiently and correctly. So if you’re looking to scrap your car, we are the perfect solution. Get in touch today!

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Why scrap your car

If you have a car that no longer serves its purpose, it can be tempting to put it up for sale. However, with buyers looking for lower and lower prices, you may not make the money you were expecting to. There is a solution though. Many car owners are opting to scrap a car in Gants Hill instead. Here at Scrap Car Kings, we scrap a wide range of vehicles in Gants Hill Hassle free. So no matter what condition your car is in, we’ll be able to offer you a great price and take it off your hands in no time at all!

Struggling to Sell Your Old Car?

The used car market has grown so much in recent years, and there are now record numbers of motorists trying to sell their old vehicles. However, as buyers are being offered more choice, they are becoming more and more selective. What would have made your car a must-have ten years ago may not cut it now – and you could end up having to sell for a much lower price than you wanted to.

Types of scrap car we recycle in Gants Hill

Here at our Scrap my car Gants Hill branch, we pride ourselves on being able to buy all manner of unwanted scrap cars. Last year alone, our scrap car merchants collected and processed over 5,000 cars from a wide range of sources, including private individuals, local government bodies, the DVLA, insurance companies, businesses and the motor trade.

We understand that sometimes people need to get rid of their car quickly and easily, which is why we offer a free quote and quick car collection service. So if you have any unwanted end of life vehicles taking up space on your drive or in your garage, give our scrap yard a call today and let us take care of it for you. Below are examples of cars we scrap

  • Cars that aren’t running
  • MOT failure
  • salvage or junk cars
  • Rental cars
  • Insurance write-offs
  • Accident-damaged vehicles
  • Trade-in cars
  • Faulty Cars
  • Old Cars

Our free scrap car collection process

Looking to get rid of an end of life vehicle? Here’s a quick rundown of our scrap car collection process: first, get an instant scrap car quote from us. We’ll give you the very best scrap car prices based on the make, model and condition of your car.

Once you’re happy with the quote, we’ll arrange a time and place to come pick up the car. We’ll take care of all the paperwork and finalise same-day payment. We’ll also provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, which you’ll need to keep for your records. So why wait? Get in touch today and let us take care of your car scrappage problems.

Why should I scrap my car with scrap car Gants Hill team?

At Scrap Car Kings, we understand that selling a car can be a complicated and stressful process. That’s why we’re here to help UK customers through every step of the process, from getting a quote to arranging collection and completing the paperwork.

We believe in providing a simple, great service with no hidden charges, which is why we offer excellent car scrappage prices and free collection regardless of its location. We also scrap cars legally and take care of all the paperwork for you, so you can be reassured that everything is being done legally and correctly. If you’re looking for a professional scrap my car service that you can trust, look no further than our Scrap Vehicle Service.

Scrap a Car in Gants Hill, Don’t Sell

If your car is over 16 years old, then chances are it has not been fitted with a catalytic converter. It’s also going to lack modern features such as cruise control, rear parking sensors and smartphone connectivity. Nowadays, motorists won’t pay for a vehicle that doesn’t come with a range of additional features. So you’ll have to settle for that low price or spend time trying upgrade your car – both of which could leave you seriously out of pocket.

That’s why scrapping your car is a much better option. We don’t care if your car is 2 years old or 20 years old, and we won’t be looking for any of the mod cons that fussy buyers will.

Car Scrapping Gants Hill

We are so proud of the Gants Hill car scrappage prices that we are able to offer our customers. Get in touch with us, and we’ll ask you a few simple questions about your vehicle. Then once we have all the information that we need, we will be able to offer you a price that is truly reflective of the age and condition of your car. We’ll also answer any questions you have about our prices, so you can go ahead and scrap your car with confidence.

Our Speedy Service

As soon as you accept our quote, then we will get to your property within 24 hours. Our experienced scrap my car Essex team will be able to load your car onto a waiting vehicle in less than 15 minutes, and you don’t even have to be present while they do so. So if you’ve always put off scrapping a car because you can’t spare the time, think again!

Instant Scrap a Car Gants Hill Payment

There’s no need to worry about chasing up the payment when you scrap a car in Gants Hill with our help. We pay by instant bank transfer, so the money will be in your account right away. Our swift payment, brilliant prices and great service have made us the experts in scrap a car Gants Hill motorists trust. So why not get in touch today and see what we could offer you for your car? We can get the ball rolling so quickly, you could be saying goodbye to your unwanted car in a matter of hours!

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