London Car Scrap Schemes 2020 – What you need to know

Main points of the 2020 London car scrap scheme

The goal of car scrap schemes is to introduce newer and more energy-efficient models to the market as well as to improve the air quality and reduce pollutants. Earlier this year, it was hoped that a new national scrap scheme would be introduced to help boost sales of electric vehicles, but this has not materialised.

In London, however, there is currently a heavy vehicle scrappage scheme offering small businesses and charities up to £15,000 to scrap, retrofit or replace their vehicle with one that complies with the regulations in London’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ). The new LEZ rules will take effect from the 1st March 2021.

There are limitations on the types of organisations that can apply. It is currently open to sole traders, small businesses (i.e. 50 or fewer employees) and charities. The vehicles include HGVs and specialist vehicles of over 3.5 tonnes. Buses, coaches and minibuses weighing over 5 tonnes are also eligible for the scheme. 


What do you need to provide to apply for the car scrap scheme?

Be aware that you will need to provide documentation in order to apply for the scheme. This includes the vehicle logbook (V5C registration certificate), insurance certificate and MOT certificate. You must wait until your application has been approved before scrapping the car. Once it has been confirmed by Transport for London, you will be asked to scrap the vehicle at an authorised treatment facility (ATF). 

Like other reputable ATFs, Scrap Car Kings will submit the certificate of destruction to the DVLA on your behalf so that you won’t be faced with a fine for non-submission.

It’s still possible for eligible low-income or disabled London residents to apply for the car and motorcycle scrappage scheme in order to become compliant with the Ultra-Low Emission Zone regulations. Check here if you’re eligible. These grants can be up to £1,000 for a motorcycle and £2,000 for a car. 

There is a limited amount of funding available so interested organisations are urged to apply as soon as possible. Previously, a popular scheme set up to scrap older vans and minibuses took some 5,000 vehicles off the road and helped ensure that smaller businesses and charities were compliant with environmental regulations. The unprecedented success of the scheme meant that it was cancelled in early September 2020 due to limited funds.

London Car Scrap Schemes

Advantages of scrapping your vehicle

There are a number of reasons why you should scrap your vehicle if it’s older, has major defects or is not compliant with changing environmental regulations. At Scrap Car Kings, we give you an instant quote on how much you could earn for scrapping your vehicle. 

We will come to you to pick up the vehicle and communicate with you throughout the whole process so that it’s as easy as possible for you. You can then expect the payment to be transferred directly to your bank account. Contact our friendly team today  or We are listed in uklistings.org’s Essex Directory for further information on how you can avail of the current London car scrappage scheme. 

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