Scrap Your Car In Time For Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and if your car is on its last legs, it may be time to consider scrapping it before the festivities begin.

The last thing you want is an unreliable vehicle when you’re busy Christmas shopping or planning to make a long journey over the festive season. 

Scrap Cars EssexHere are a few good reasons to scrap your car in time for Christmas.

Instant Cash

A bit of extra cash is always handy at Christmas. By scrapping your car, you’ll get instant money in your pocket to spend on the turkey and the trimmings or to put towards buying Christmas presents.

Once you’ve agreed to the quote, your money will be transferred instantly into your bank account, then your car will be collected free of charge and taken off you hands without any hassle.

Avoid Second Hand Selling Woes

Most buyers prefer to wait until the New Year sales and get themselves a discounted new car rather than buy a second hand car. You may find that it’s more difficult, if not impossible, to sell your car over the Christmas period.

Winter Weather

Driving in winter weather can be a nightmare if your car isn’t performing well. If it has reliability issues the last thing you want is to be stuck stranded somewhere in the cold.

Everyone hopes for a white Christmas but it will be pretty miserable if your car’s heating and climate control isn’t up to scratch. Older cars are also notoriously unreliable and many have problems starting up when the weather is particularly cold.

Facing A Long Journey?

If you’re planning on staying with family or friends who live far away, are you sure your car is reliable enough to get you to your destination?


In the run up to Christmas, there’s more traffic on the roads and there’s a higher risk of having an accident if your car isn’t roadworthy.

Scrap Cars Essex

Nowhere’s Open

If your car’s having mechanical problems, it may be difficult getting it into your local servicing centre before Christmas. Most garages also shut up shop over the Christmas period so you may face costly repairs that can’t get sorted until the new year.

Have yourself a safe and merry Christmas, treat the family to a newer, fuel efficient model and scrap your old car in time for the festivities.

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