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The Toyota Avensis: Benefits and Problems

Toyota is one of the most trusted brands worldwide, and there is good reason for this as it constantly produces safe and reliable cars. The Toyota Avensis is one such car, known for it sturdiness, functionality and dependability rather than its looks or pizzazz.

Scrap Your Toyota AvensisThe Toyota Avensis is a popular car for a number of reasons, including those detailed below.


The main draw for the Avensis is the extraordinary comfort that is afforded in its spacious interior. The car wasn’t designed to be sleek and fast, and therefor Toyota has been able to stick with a traditional cabin that allows for ample space inside. This is a vehicle that has been designed with long journeys in mind, and even if 5 people were taking the trip, no one would struggle for legroom. Do keep in mind that this comfort means that the vehicle is quite long and caution should be applied when reverse parking.

Safety and Reliability

We have come to expect this from Toyota, but the Avensis really impresses on this level. In the Euro NCAP crash test series the Avensis came away with 5 stars. The car boasts seven airbags, electronic stability control and a tyre pressure detector, which come with every model. In the higher ranges, you will find cruise control, lane changing assistance and a pre-crash safety system.


Despite being an extremely popular vehicle, the Avensis is certainly not without its problems and it can eventually become extremely costly to fix.

Steering Rack Problems

It is a common problem in the Avensis vehicle for the steering rack to encounter some issues. This is normally signalled by a knocking or grating sound while turning the car, and it is not something that should be fixed at home but rather looked at by professionals.

Loss of Steering

In some of the vehicles that have the EMPS (Electric Motor Assisted Power Steering), there have been problems where the spline on the extension shaft has warped, resulting in a complete loss of steering.

Suspension Arm Separation

In some cases, after the Avensis has been serviced and the rear suspension arm adjusted for wheel alignment issues, erosion can occur in the arm and it could result in separation of the rear suspension. Total loss of control is the result of this particular problem, and it is very dangerous.

If you have encountered any of these problems, and they are proving too costly to fix, contact Scrap Car Kings to scrap your Toyota Avensis.

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