Scrapping German cars

Should You Scrap Your Old German Car and Upgrade to One of These World-Beaters?

The shortlist in the 2015 World Car of the Year awards is enough to make any patriotic British motorist weep, because Germany looks set to sweep the board. Half the finalists in the World Performance Car category are German, giving us a snapshot of a nation that designs and builds exceptional vehicles. But even great designs don’t last forever, and scrapping German cars is not a taboo activity: sometimes it makes good financial sense, especially if you want to upgrade to a snazzier model.

Scrapping German CarsAudi A3

This, the son of World Car of the Year 2014, is the latest incarnation of Audi’s family hatchback. Manufactured since 1996, the A3 is in its third production generation, and has remained a best seller. Newer models offer superior suspension for better ride comfort, and greatly improved space in the interior and boot.

BMW 2-Series Active Tourer

BMW’s 2-Series Active Tourer is an exceptional family car, and one that doesn’t sacrifice interior space for a better drive. All that room on the inside doesn’t translate into increased bulk, either, and the Active Tourer remains a pleasure to drive in the confines of town. Superior fuel economy and a great entry-level spec make this an excellent future-proof buy.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

If you’re looking for the ultimate upmarket executive saloon, this has to be it. The styling of the C-Class is based on that seen in the S-Class limousine, with a sculpted body and high-end, ebony-trimmed interior. The driving experience offered by the newest models is superb, courtesy of Mercedes’ rear wheel drive architecture, enabling 100kg of dead weight to be lost since the previous generation of the C-Class.

Scrapping German Cars

Volkswagen Passat

The all-new Passat is bigger, lighter and with far better fuel economy than its recent predecessor. It is also more comfortable. The new body design is more streamlined and sophisticated, with a much longer wheelbase and tighter, shorter body. It now offers a dynamic driving experience where before it was merely okay, coupled with cushioned suspension and beautifully responsive steering.

If you love German cars, you may already own one of the exciting models described above. While German manufacturers are renowned for superior build quality and reliability, upgrading to a newer model of a popular design can often save you money on fuel economy and maintenance. Especially if you sell your current car for scrap: with Scrap Car Kings, scrapping German cars is a straightforward process that can leave you better off.

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