Scrapping Your VW Passat

Scrapping Your VW Passat

The Volkswagen Passat is described as reliable, attractive and spacious by many owners. Therefore the decision to scrap for cash or to invest in those repairs can be a difficult one. This guide can help you make this choice, by looking at the common problems that have Passat owners calling the car scrappers for a scrap car quote.

Benefits of a VW Passat

The VW Passat comes in a range of specifications to suit most tastes, from the basic 1.4 4d saloon to the lively 3.2 V6 Sport. With gearing modifications, aerodynamic tweaks and a Stop/Start function, most models do well on CO2 emissions, keeping road tax to a minimum. The fuel and servicing costs are also very reasonable with the VW Passat holding the residual values well in the used car market.

Oil Pump Problems

Oil pump problems are well known on the Passat. The cost of a replacement oil pump and lines is around £1,200. If you’re unlucky, the failed oil pump drive can totally wreck the engine, leading to bills in excess of £9,000. If the repairs are greater than the value of the car, then you may want to consider calling the car scrappers.

Electric Parking Brake

Electric parking brake failure is a safety nightmare as the brake has been known to release allowing the car to run away unattended, or the brakes fail to release, risking overheating and potential brake failure at speed. The electric parking brake has also been known to lead to massive electrical faults costing up to £2,000 to correct. Don’t put yourself at risk and obtain a scrap car quote.


Reports of corrosion under the bonnet, inside the doors and under the tailgate are numerous. There are issues with the joins between the inside and the outside of the doors and with water getting into the number plate lights. The VW Passat has a 12- year no-rust warranty, however the dealer response is patchy and several reports of court cases indicate this may be more trouble that it’s worth.

Water Pump

The water pump is fitted in such a way the bearings are under an immense amount of strain, and are liable to fail. When they do, the cam belt – which drives the water pump – can be thrown, causing extensive damage. The most common way to repair this is engine replacement – a very pricey option. The best alternative could be to consider scrapping your VW Passat and getting an upgrade.

Over 2 million cars are scrapped each year. There are different ways to scrap your car.

However, you don’t necessarily know what will happen to your vehicle. It may end up being sold abroad or worse being illegally driven, lumbering you with parking and speeding fines. For peace of mind choose car scrappers fully licensed by the Environment Agency, such as Scrap Car Kings.

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