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Sell Your Audi TT   December 2, 2016

Sell Your Audi TT

The Audi TT is fast, stylish, fun and compact. However, it does have issues that don’t justify its hefty price tag. The Audi TT has received complaints that range from niggling issues to major problems with the automatic transmission. Another problem with second hand Audi TTs is that enthusiasts do like to try and modify them.

Trying to sell your Audi TT can be difficult if it hasn’t been modified correctly.

Here are just a few problems that second hand Audi TTs may have.

Automatic Transmission

The Audi TT has been plagued with automatic transmission problems. In fact, the 2009 version was recalled because the transmission unexpectedly shifted back into neutral. This is a serious safety issue and could cause an accident, especially when travelling at speed.

However, there are other complaints from owners that are directly linked to the automatic transmission:


Drivers have noticed the car hesitating and a delay between gear shifts.


Whining, clunking and humming sounds could indicate a transmission problem.

Fluid Leaks

The red coloured automatic transmission fuel is used to lubricate and clean the transmission and keep it running properly. Unfortunately, the Audi TT has had many complaints about fluid loss. If the ATF is at a low level, it could seriously damage the transmission and the engine. This can result repairs that are so expensive, you’d be better off scrapping the car instead.
An ATF leak can often be detected by an unpleasant burning smell. This is caused by the fluid overheating and sludge build-up due to low levels of ATF. This in turn causes friction and corrosion in the transmission. An ATF leak can also prevent the car from changing gear.

Oil Leaks

It’s not just ATF leaks the Audi TT has a problem with. Oil leaks are also common. If the engine is not properly lubricated it will suffer severe damage and eventually fail altogether.


Wiring faults in the dashboard are another TT problem, causing the battery to drain.


Considering it bears the Audi name, the TT has had many complaints about its build quality. These include: seat belts not retracing properly the iphone connector is located in the glove compartment making it difficult and inconvenient to connect the CD player jamming an over-complicated in-car computer information system interior side trims detaching from the metal clip fasteners.

If you’re having difficulty trying to sell your Audi TT and are considering scrapping it instead, give Scrap Car Kings a call today for a no-obligation quote.

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