Sell your BMW 5 Series

Problems With Selling Your BMW 5 Series

It’s safe to say that owning a BMW brings with it a certain amount of kudos. The least you can expect from the BMW name is a car that’s stylish, elegant and reliable with an impeccable safety record. You’d also expect good performance and a comfortable ride.

BMW has had major success with its 3 and 7 series. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the 2006 5 series. The model has had a number of significant problems, so if you’re trying to sell your BMW 5 series, you may find it more difficult than you think.

Here are just some of the worst problems second hand BMW 5 series are known to have had.

Fluid Leaks

Not 1 but 4 different leakage problems!

Engine Oil

A common problem after 60,000 miles, oil pools under the car not only polluting the environment but also affecting the engine. If the engine is not adequately lubricated it will suffer serious damage and ultimately failure.


Leaking coolant is another hazard to the environment. The entire cooling system needs to be checked and the radiator may need replacing.

If coolant leaks into the expansion tank, it will cause the engine to overheat and the thermostat and water pump may need to be replaced.

Power Steering Fluid

This is a costly problem as multiple hoses may need to be replaced when a leak in the power steering hoses is being mended.

Reliability Issues

If numerous leaks aren’t enough, there are other reliability problems with the 5 series, even those with low mileage.

Common reliability issues include wheel bearing replacements at 40,000 miles, poor transmission and a high battery drain.



You’d expect a BMW to be extremely comfortable to drive, however, the 5 series has had many complaints about the uncomfortable ride it gives and, for a car so large, interior space can be rather limited.

Poor Quality Interiors

Another surprising disappointment in the 5 series is the poor quality and badly designed interiors. Dash components and cup holders are flimsy and break easily.

The CD changer has been very poorly designed and can only be accessed from the passenger side glove compartment that needs to be emptied first.

Despite the BMW name, the 5 series doesn’t live up to the reputation of its 3 and 7 series cousins.

If you’re having trouble trying to sell your car , consider scrapping your BMW instead. You’ll get something back for it whilst helping the environment.

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