Sell Your BMW X5

Sell Your BMW X5

Buyers want reliability, safety and excellent performance if they’re going to dig deep into their pockets and invest in a second hand BMW. Unfortunately, the X5 has a tarred reputation, that can make it difficult to sell on.

Although many of the issues have been resolved with the newer generation, the second (E70) generation, 2006-2013, continues to have problems that are so expensive to fix that buyers are put off. Most notably, a range of problems are caused by the alternator.

Here’s a look at some of the problems caused by a faulty alternator in the BMW X5.

What is the Alternator?

Your car doesn’t just need fuel to run. It also needs electrical power. The alternator generates this power. It controls the windows, sunroof, central locking, climate control and even the sound system.

It also charges the battery.

One of the earliest signs that the alternator isn’t functioning properly are flickering and dim headlights. A faulty alternator can also cause the bearings to fail, leading to a rattling noise when you drive.

There have been various complaints from X5 owners about the following problems caused by a faulty alternator:


The alternator generates power to the spark plugs which in turn, ignite the fuel to make the car run.

If there’s not enough power to keep the engine running, the car will stall and die while you’re out on the road.


If the alternator fails to charge up the battery properly, the battery will drain. One X5 owner complained of having to change the battery 3 times in 4 years.

Warning Lights

A faulty alternator can also affect the warning sensors on the dashboard. There have been complaints about the sensors going off unexpectedly while driving. Even if it’s a false alarm, you can’t afford to ignore warning lights and will have to get the vehicle checked.

Costly Maintenance

Whether it’s a faulty alternator or problems with other parts, repair bills for the X5 are notoriously expensive. Even minor repairs and second hand parts can run into the thousands. Main dealer repairs will cost even more. The X5 seems to spend so much time at the garage that the ‘ultimate driving machine’ has been renamed the ‘ultimate fixing machine’.

Reliability issues have seriously affected the X5’s re-sale value and this particularly range doesn’t hold its price well.

If you’re having difficulties trying to sell your BMW X5, consider scrapping it instead.

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