Reasons To Sell Your Mercedes AMG

Scrapping Your Mercedes AMG

Introduced in 2008, the Mercedes AMG is a boy racer’s dream. Part compact luxury car, part hot-rod, it’s a stylish and speedy beast. Add to that the worldwide reputation of Mercedes as one of the most prestigious names in the motor industry and you’re on to a sure winner. Or are you?

Sell Your MercedesMercedes is synonymous with class, elegance, performance, reliability and safety, so you’d expect the same qualities in all their cars. However, many second hand Mercedes AMGs have been aggressively driven, and problems have been numerous.

Here are just a few of the problems you may have that can make it difficult to sell your Mercedes AMG.

A Problematic Transmission

Many owners have complained about problems changing from 2nd to 3rd gear and then slipping back into 2nd again.

The AMG also has an annoying habit of shaking between gear changes.

Head Bolt Failure

A design fault means that cylinder head bolts in M156 engines risk straining and snapping.

In severe cases, the piston can seize up and completely destroy the engine. The following can be signs that there’s a problem with your cylinder head bolts:

  • Constantly reduced coolant levels
  • Abnormally high oil levels due to coolant escaping into the oil
  • CEL (check engine light) warning illuminated
  • White exhaust smoke caused by burning oil in the exhaust system


A rattling noise when the engine is started up could be the result of a worn camshaft lobe which will need to be replaced.

It may also be caused by hydro brushing problems which will also need to be replaced.

Poor Quality Alloys

You’d expect there to be some outer wear and tear, especially if the car is driven aggressively, however, the alloys buckle easily when driven on poor maintained road surfaces and over potholes.

Aggressive driving can also cause the tyres to wear down more quickly than expected.

Sell Your Mercedes

Faulty Fuel Pump Control Unit

A faulty fuel pump control unit means that once the engine’s been running and is heated up, if you turn it off, it won’t start up again until the engine has cooled down.

Faulty Climate Control

In snowy weather, snow can enter through the cowl and the climate control won’t work properly. Just what you need on a cold winter’s day!

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