Why do i need id to scrap my car

To scrap a car with us, you will need three things: a scrap car, a scrap car collector, and proof of identification, preferably your photo ID and vehicle registration document (V5C). Many people ask us why they need proof of identity when scrapping a car. Below, we’ll explain why you need ID to scrap a car and which documents you can use for ID.

You need ID to scrap a car, by law

The government tightened scrap metal regulations 2013. As part of the act, scrap metal dealers are required to get proof of identification from people car scrapping. It’s a way for both parties to verify each other. The Act has two relevant laws that explain why you need ID to scrap your car:

1. It’s illegal for a scrap metal dealer to accept scrap metal without verifying a person’s full name and address.

2. Those documents must be reliable and independent.

A scrap dealer who doesn’t provide proper information could get fined up to £1,000 or lose their license. To ensure all legal requirements are met, you have to show a photo ID, proof of address & proof of vehicle purchase before handing over your car.

Make scrapping safer with ID

It’s important to take legal responsibility for scrap cars so that everyone is held to the same standards and no fraud or theft is taking place. In order to transfer ownership of a scrap car, businesses need identification. It’s helped deter thieves from stealing cars just for scrap parts and materials. The law has helped reduce metal-theft crimes and protect you against fraudulent vehicles disposal since 2013.

All documents are handled in a legally sound manner by government accredited Authorised Treatment Facilities, so you get the best price for your car. Through an authorised treatment facility our customers can find out who picked up their car, where their car was scrapped and by whom, how much they paid, and the person selling the car. With us in the picture, you can have confidence that scrapping your old car successfully will be quick, straightforward and completely secure.

The VIN is a unique identification number that is assigned to every car. Providing your ID may be necessary to verify the VIN of the car you are scrapping, as this can help ensure that the correct vehicle is being scrapped and that all necessary documentation is completed correctly.

Will you need to keep a copy of my ID

According to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act of 2013 in the United Kingdom, scrap metal dealers are required to keep certain records in relation to the metal that they buy and sell. These records must include the name and address of the person from whom the metal was acquired, as well as a description of the metal and the date it was acquired.

It is not specifically stated in the act that scrap metal dealers must keep a copy of the identification (ID) of the person from whom they are acquiring the metal. However, it is possible that a dealer may ask for and keep a copy of your ID in order to comply with the requirements of the act and to ensure that they have accurate and complete records. It is also possible that a dealer may ask for and keep a copy of your ID for their own business purposes, such as to verify your identity and prevent fraud.

What if I don’t have ID?

When ID is needed and none is available, it’s essential to find alternate ways to provide proof of ID for a variety of situations. Oftentimes a driving licence or passport are used in these situations. While it may take some time to acquire either if they have been lost, ID cards can be obtained quickly with turnaround time as short as two days. Proof of address such as utility bills and birth certificates can also be accepted in the absence of an ID card or drivers license. If necessary, third-party ID can be used as well; simply having a friend or family member with their own photo ID represent the car’s owner is sufficient in most cases.

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