Why You Should Scrap Your Convertible Car

Britons have a never ending love affair with convertible cars. With the first signs of summer, many dream of driving along with the roof down and enjoying the few rays of sunshine that the warmer months bring. There’s nothing quite like the sense of freedom and the wind in your hair, not to mention the ‘cool’ image that driving a convertible gives you.

Modern convertibles offer an excellent level of comfort. They are watertight, well insulated and are far less noisy than older versions.

However, older convertibles have a range of problems that are expensive to repair and also compromise the safety and integrity of the car.

Scrap My Car BarkingHere are the most annoying problems of older convertibles that make you think, ‘can i scrap my car


Soft fabric tops have to withstand heat, cold, dirt, rain and snow over the years. Add to that, the continuous stretching and releasing and your old convertible is going to start showing signs of wear and tear. The consequences are a leaky roof.

Eventually the softer inner lining will separate from the heavier outer lining and the glue will no longer adhere.

Repetitive opening and closing can also cause the two metal hooks at the front edge of the top to weaken and eventually snap off.

The rubber seals can wear down, especially along the edge of the windshield, letting in water and making the car noisier, especially during motorway driving.

Older cars with plastic rear windows may suffer from separating seams which can also let water in.

The drain tubes that funnel water that collects in the side tracks can often get clogged causing water to pool and leak into the car.


A leaking roof can result in more than just soggy seats. Water pooling in the footwells can lead to rust problems and eventual holes in the bodywork.

Damp and mould problems create bad odours and an unpleasant ride. Mould can also be a health issue.

Leaks can also interfere with the electrics causing power windows to stop working or the electrical roof opening mechanism to fail.


Soft tops and the mechanisms are very expensive to replace. Even the seals can cost up to £2000 to replace. Due to their many parts and panels, folding hardtops can cost even more to repair.

Main dealers freely admit that soft tops develop problems with age. Many will blame poor maintenance and blocked drains for problems, even if a car is still under warranty.

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