Can you scrap a car without wheels

Can you scrap a car without wheels

How scrap car collection works

Scrap car collection is easy at our dealership. The only thing you have to do is show us your photo ID and sign over the vehicle on the day of pick up. Additionally, we’ve created an easy quote form to make sure we get all the info before the collection date so there aren’t any surprises. We collect scrap cars quickly, professionally and reliably, so you can rest easy knowing your car is in good hands.

The process of scrapping a car

Here is a quick summary of how to scrap a car

  • Find a scrap car company online
  • Input the registration number and postcode of the car into the instant quote forms. Compare prices from a few companies to find how much can you get for scrapping a car
  • Arrange for a free car collection on your specified collection date after accepting the best quote
  • Ensure the scrap car dealer has your identification, such as a driving license. To scrap a car, you need photo identification
  • The scrap car dealer should provide you with a receipt
  • Please provide them with the V5 registration document, retaining section 9. Send the DVLA section 9 (or section 4 on V5Cs issued after April 2019) of the V5C document
  • Any months of unused insurance will be refunded to you by your insurance company
  • Within seven days, you will receive a certificate of destruction

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Can we collect a car without wheels?

Scrapping a car can be a great way to rid yourself of an old, unwanted vehicle. The wheels must be on the vehicle when scrapping it, as we can’t take cars without wheels. The reason is that these types of vehicles need different equipment to scrap – our scrap collectors have a recovery vehicle with a winch, but few have a crane for lifting them. When you sell your car at a scrap yard, make sure your wheels stay intact so you don’t get disappointed. It’s possible to find a scrapyard with a crane, but they’re rare – so you may not get top dollar for your car.

Does missing wheels affect scrap car value?

A car with missing wheels has a major impact on its scrap value. Since dismantlers need cranes to remove these cars, buyers are limited and offers are lower. The weight of your scrap vehicle, such as tires and alloy wheels, determines how much it’s worth. Missing any of this decreases its value. A dismantler may be able to sell a missing alloy wheel for more money if the wheels still have resale value to someone else. When you scrap a car, make sure you leave all the parts with it so you get the best price.

Is it possible to scrap a car with flat tyres?

Scrapping a car with flat tyres is possible, but it can be a little tricky if the tyre is missing. Scrap yards usually pick up scrap vehicles as long as they roll, even with flat tyres or destroyed wheels. Cars can be towed or transported by driving or pulling them with a winch. You can scrap your vehicle without worrying about flat tyres because we handle the job with efficiency and expertise.

Would it be worth selling the wheels separately?

When it comes to upgrading cars, alloy wheels are the most common and universal accessories. A set of aftermarket alloy wheels can cost hundreds or thousands of pounds. As a result, many people decide to sell their alloy wheels separately when scrapping their car. When you scrap a car with Scrap Car Kings, we ask that you put the original wheels back on the car if you decide to sell your alloy wheels.

If you can’t scrap your wheel-less car, here’s what you should do

It is not impossible to find scrap dealers for your wheel less cars but you should prepare yourself for some potential refusals. One simple workaround is picking up some cheap second-hand wheels (they don’t need to be in good condition) and fitting them onto your vehicle ahead of your scrap car collection. This will ensure easy scrap car collection without complications and maximum scrap car value

Scrap my car FAQ

Can you scrap a car you don’t own?

As long as you are not the owner, you’ll need their proof of identity, as well as their approval for scrapping. In order for the scrap collector to verify that the vehicle is not stolen, the above information is required.

How do you scrap a car properly

It isn’t difficult to scrap your old car, but to avoid breaking the law or paying unnecessary fines, you’ll need certain documents and follow a few simple steps.

What proof do you need to scrap a car?

For scrapping your car, you will need the vehicle registration document, also known as the V5C or vehicle logbook. The certificate proves the car belongs to you and prevents unauthorised sales. A photo ID may also be required. If you do not have a logbook read our article on how to sell a car without a V5 for more information

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